| | October 20215Selecting an ERP based on your currentbusiness requirements may work for today, but it may not work for tomorrow. Knowing that your business requirements will change over time but not knowing what those changes will be, the best thing that you can do is build a capability to rapidly respond to change with an Adaptive ERP. Does this remind you ofYOUR ERP Selection?QAD Inc. is a leading provider of next-generation manufacturing and supply chain solutions in the cloud. Global manufacturers face ever-increasing disruption caused by technology-driven innovation and changing consumer preferences. In order to survive and thrive, manufacturers must be able to innovate and change business models at unprecedented rates of speed.Contact usQAD India Private Limited Website: https://www.qad.com/en-IN/ Email: cka@qad.comTel: +91 77 0098 9709 +91 77 1888 0060Nothing movesfaster than technology.
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