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Some other Aspect of Solution Selection
There is complete different angle of looking at things in the company by a CFO and by any other... more>>
Embracing Cloud-Communications for a Competitive Advantage
Cloud-Communication. You might have heard this term a lot, but do you really know what exactly is... more>>
4 Reasons Businesses Should Invest In People and Training for Automated Testing
Testing has always been an essential part of application projects, but under agile, it's... more>>
How to thoroughly analyze test runs in a particular cycle
Testing is a complex activity within the software development process, as teams must actively look for and mitigate defects at every possible turn. Under legacy methods, testing was often pushed to... more>>
by-Imad Sousou, - VP and GM-Open Source Technology Center,, Intel Corporation
There’s no better example of a market in transition today than the enterprise data center. ... more>>
by-Jim Deren, -Director of IT Planning, CareTech Solutions
Successful healthcare executives develop their strategic plans based on a solid understanding of ... more>>
by-Anne Legg, -VP - Strategic Marketing, Credit Union Solutions, Fiserv
To properly align the needs of your business with a strong CRM system, a best practice is to stra... more>>
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