ERP Insight

Cutting Through Complexities with Managed Services
In today’s era, technology set-ups are becoming increasingly complex as product features... more>>
Rightsizing of Datacenters - A Vital Cog in the Wheel to Save Energy Costs
The spending on Data Centers and related infrastructure is growing and how! In September 2015,... more>>
Industry Trends in Open Sourced Hardware
Cloud computing is rapidly transforming the IT industry, and has gained significant momentum... more>>
Use of Technology and the Impact on Education in India
udhir is a technically sophisticated and business savvy management professional, with a continued career Progression, and documented history of bridging Innovation, Technical and Managerial... more>>
by-Prakash Arunachalam, -SVP, SBU Delivery Head, Diversified Business Unit &IoT, Virtusa
The Internet of Things term was first coined in 1999, but it is only in recent past that IoT has ... more>>
by-Jeff Theiler, -SVP, Chief Information Security Officer, Hancock Bank
For security professionals, or any management professional for that matter, the key to managing l... more>>
by-Arun Kundu, Professional Services, Asia Pacific & Global Strategy, Verizon Enterprise Solutions- Professional Services, Asia Pacific & Global Strategy, Verizon Enterprise Solutions
In the much-hyped world of the Internet of Things, the industry continues to focus on the number ... more>>
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