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Bringing SaaS and Commerce Together for Procurement!

Author : Rahul Garg, CEO and Founder
Friday, September 16, 2016

Rahul Garg, CEO and Founder

Procurement has always been one of the most critical business functions due to the most complex processes this function typically follows. Procurement is critical as the financial bottom-line is defined by this function. This function is also the most complex because it deals with many external parties and vendors on a daily basis following a complex communication and business process ensuring required documentation and system compliance. No wonder, this function has been the hotbed for waves of progressive interventions to streamline and improve.
From ERP software suite to E-procurement software, all are the examples of this intervention for the last 2 decades but the core functional improvement has remained surprisingly elusive! � Primarily due to an untapped and unidentified fundamental gap in the product and services offerings available in the market so far!

Commerce - The fundamental Gap in the Traditional Solutions Offering

Though the traditional solutions � like ERP and E-Procurement suites have done a great job in improving the "Process Aspect" but \"Commerce Aspect\" has fundamentally been untouched. No significant solutions provider has attempted at solving the fundamental complexities of the \"Commerce Aspect\" � the physical flow of goods - with a holistic approach! An efficient Supply chain of physical goods along with managing the information and money flow is the complete solution offering, which a typical procurement function actually needs!

But unfortunately, none of the available procurement solutions � the ERPs or the E-procurement software suites has extended the offering to commerce platform. They haven�t developed the required infrastructure either for managing the physical goods flows in any way. They have remained limited to streamlining information and money flow only.

E-Commerce Plugging the Gap