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ClearPath Healthcare Services: Introducing a Modern Approach towards Teeth Straightening

Author : Deepshikha Singh
Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Deepshikha Singh

Malocclusion, the phenomenon of imperfect positioning of the teeth when the jaws are closed, is reportedly the third most important condition in the ranking of oral health problems. While a lot of people today suffer from orthodontic problems like crooked or crowded teeth or incorrect jaw position and disorders; these problems if left untreated can often lead to severe tooth decay, gum and bone loss, and even dental caries. The ongoing improvements in orthodontic treatment methods have enabled dentists to cure malocclusion and improve a patient's appearance by substituting traditional braces with custom-made series of clear orthodontic aligners.

ClearPath Healthcare Services, a Delhi based company is creating a niche in dental care by offering ClearPath Aligners; a USFDA approved removable plastic appliance used by patients as an alternative to braces, for teeth straightening. Having gifted beautiful smiles to over 10,000 patients in last five years, ClearPath not only aims to fanatically meet its customers' demands, but also outperforms their expectations through its robust orthodontic services.

ClearPath Aligners: A Substitute to Traditional Braces

After over eight years of Research & Development, ClearPath was incorporated in USA in 2008. Prior to introducing ClearPath Aligners for clinical use, the company successfully completed a number of clinical trial cases, where it proved to be doing well in adjustment of a variety of malocclusions including mild & moderate cases. While traditional braces use brackets made up of metal, ceramic or plastic, connected by wire, ClearPath Aligners are made out of a unique medical grade plastic material, designed in a way to deliver customized aligners which move each tooth directly along the most efficient path to achieve the desired position. These aligners provide improved quality which offers a hygienic, convenient and a clear solution for the correction of malocclusion without having to wear brackets and wires.

ClearPath has emerged as an zealous performer in the field of dental healthcare, with approximately 3,000 dentists routinely prescribing ClearPath aligners to their patients. Explaining further, Dr. Ataat Khan, CEO, ClearPath Healthcare Services says, "ClearPath offers services to the entire dental fraternity wherein dentists place orders for getting clear customized aligners fabricated for their patients. Once a case is received, it goes through a number of steps which include impression and records evaluation, digitization and integration, computerized manipulation of digitized model suitable for constructing a diagnostic setup, and uploading on website for doctor's review."