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eDominer Systems: A Pioneer in Developing Business Software Focused on Business Automation

Author : Vineet Bansal, Founder and CEO
Thursday, October 22, 2020

Vineet Bansal, Founder and CEO

India's GDP is the net-contribution of various industrial domains; and manufacturing sector alone accounts to about 16 percent of the total GDP. As the nation matures, the manufacturing sector is also changing tremendously. Today, manufacturing in India is at an interesting stage where more and more companies are looking to invest in manufacturing sector through 'Make in India' initiative launched in 2014 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 'Make in India' is a major movement by Government of India designed to attract investments, facilitate innovations and build best-in-class manufacturing infrastructures within the country.

“EXPAND smERP is a cloud based cost-effective, reliable and user friendly business solution which is empowering small and medium scale manufacturers and exporters across various industrial domains”

Motivated by the government and considering the vast pool of opportunities within the manufacturing domain, business owners are actively contributing to this initiative. However, today's manufacturing firms have widened their requirements. They are looking for self sufficient solutions which can integrate the relationship between their customers, suppliers and manufacturing processes. And, this is where an effective, efficient and robust ERP system comes along. Vineet Bansal, Founder and CEO of Kolkata headquartered eDominer Technologies acknowledged the inclination of industry towards adopting an indigenous ERP solution for their business processes. Vesting his focus to address the industrial requirements, Vineet teamed with his brother Amit Bansal and together the duo blended their technical and industrial expertise to launch their flagship product – ‘EXPAND smERP’.

“We are the makers of EXPAND smERP, an ERP solution for small and medium enterprises. EXPAND smERP is cost-effective, reliable & user friendly business solution powering many verticals namely manufacturing and Export businesses. Along with the traditional on-premise model, EXPAND is offered on cloud as a service too. Visit EXPAND smERP official site to know more”, shares Vineet Bansal, Founder and CEO, eDominer.

A One-Stop ERP Solution
EXPAND smERP is a cloud based cost-effective, reliable and user friendly business solution which is empowering small and medium scale manufacturers and exporters across various industrial domains. EXPAND smERP is the most comprehensive business software solution for Exporters and Manufacturers to manage their business functions like export documentation, order status, debtor ageing, daily production, payroll and warehouse. It aligns fully with your business workflow. Custom-created to suit International markets, work environs & other core requirements, EXPAND smERP is comprehensive & easy-to-use. The architecture of EXPAND smERP enables fast & flexible implementation & deployment strategy. Being a highly configurable & scalable business solution, it delivers a powerful functionality needed to gain a sustainable competitive advantage. It also helps in transcending organizational barriers & extend business processes to partners, suppliers & customers.

Delineating the distinctiveness of EXPAND smERP, Vineet Bansal, Founder and CEO, eDominer and says, " EXPAND has been researched and engineered by a team of highly skilled professionals at eDominer, a premier business applications development & consulting house. With over a decade of technology & domain experiences, the team boasts of Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals, Microsoft Certified Solution Developers, Microsoft Certified Masters & Chartered Accountants who have encapsulated their know-how & best practices into a state-of-the-art business solution – EXPAND smERP."