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Efficacious: Pioneering In Education Management & Student Security Systems

Author : Deepshikha Singh
Thursday, July 23, 2015

Deepshikha Singh

Has my child reached school safely? Has he/she got down from the bus at the right place? Is he/she doing well in studies? When are the exams/ lectures scheduled? These are the common thoughts that worry every parent across the globe. Today, when crime rate against school going children is increasing and most elementary families have both parents working, the major concern of parents and schools is to ensure safety of children both within and outside the school premises. Keeping up with a child's academic performance is another challenge of modern day parenting. Efficacious India Limited, a Mumbai based company realized a greater need to address these challenges and geared up to develop a transparent platform of communication that brings together students, teachers, parents and the school administration.

"A large number of ERP providers offer school management applications, on-line training and courses. But the area that we are focusing on is not only providing technology driven school management, but also automating child security. Our main impetus in all our present and future developments will be to address the pain points of a common man using latest available technologies," says Kamal Agrawal, CMD, Efficacious India Limited.

Incorporated in 2012, Efficacious today is an ISO 9001:2008 company, offering comprehensive solutions for niche market segments. E-SMARTs (Student Management and Remote Tracking System) is one of the signature products of Efficacious that puts on board the issue of children security and complete education management. The software's tracking feature employs RFID and Real Time GPS that enables automated tracking of each student entitled with a RFID integrated identity card."Once the student swipes the card on RFID reader installed in buses or school premises, the cloud based management software sends across notification over SMS, E-mails and through mobile app, allowing parents and teachers to track the locus of the children. The software integrated with an easy to use customized dashboard for individual category of users allows admin/students/teachers/parents to access attendance, digital notice board, student's progress, attendance, time-table, syllabus, examination schedule and events at a click of a button," adds Mukund Gupta, Advisor, Efficacious India Limited.

The E-SMART TRACK is another utility product by Efficacious, developed taking into account the requirements of Transporters, Cab Operators, Fleet Owners and Bus Operators. This software solution is integrated with multiple maps like Microsoft's Bing map and Google map allowing users to locate their vehicles. It triggers customized alerts to deliver information about vehicle's last travel details, route details, milestone achieved, driver details and others.

Betting on the vision of providing quintessential services, the team at Efficacious endeavors to develop next version of E-Smarts with career counseling features for the students. Aiming for global reach, the company has incorporated an associate company in Dubai to provide specialized enterprise software solutions in Middle East and Africa region. In addition to marketing its own product, the organization also collaborates with other IT solution providers to expand overseas operations particularly in GCC & Africa.