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GST Manager Diamond Merchant: A Game Changer Integrating Innovative Technologies To Facilitate Diamond And Jewellery Business

Author : Pavankumar Sakhare, Co-Founder
Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Pavankumar Sakhare, Co-Founder

The arrival of GST makes duplication of work which takes more time and money and owing to this, major diamond merchants have faced difficulty adjusting their work to the existing System. Taking motivation from this unique challenge, GST Manager was established with a vision to develop an online system that will suit all merchants ranging from small traders to big organizations to get their entire business and work preview in just a few clicks. The unique & one stop solution developed by the company can be tailored for all types of users, making them easy to adapt and it is not only meant for management and reports generation but also can be used for analysis and extracting useful information for business growth.

System provides customized solutions that can fit the maximum workflow of merchants using latest reliable technology by implementing Industry standards. By keeping up with the rapid changes in the market, GST Manager is able to offer fast-paced solutions which are of the highest quality that has helped them to create a niche in the segment.

Pioneering the Industry
GST Manager has always given ample importance for innovation and this has helped the company to come up with solutions that can keep pace with the dynamic market environment. "We are on the B2B side of the market where it is heavily invested with machinery and tools which resist to change and our goal is to reduce time & cost and provide the cutting-edge solutions for them. Even in the 21st century with the advent of technology, most of them need to fix the locations and devices to get their work done, so we came up with the idea to implement a mobile friendly system which can be used anywhere, any time, and on any device. We dream for a flexible solution which has a wide range of feature set, tools, implementation with a single-window facility to accommodate all their work processes in a single package.

We believe that business interactions are not limited to just itself but they are linked with numerous fields, so we designed a 'T' shaped system which has deep expertise in the main discipline and has broader ability and flexibility to collaborate with other. We operate with the USP of 'Things you hate, let us calculate' and a key principle of 'Never say NO to user's demands'. Sharing our expertise as the Home of solutions we help you on your journey of the entire work process, providing transparency and guidance along the way to automate your business." speaks Pavankumar Sakhare, Co-founder, GST Manager.

Mayuri Kate, Co-Founder

GST Manager offers a wide range of solutions across the entire process chain of the diamond and jewellery industry including Financial Accounting, Payroll Management, Diamond Manufacturing, Inventory Tracking and Management across the international branches, Polish Assortment and Sales Tracking, Export-Import, Sales on the E-Commerce portal/online inventory, jewellery management and many such specialized solutions. The company has bought forward various pioneering ideas and innovations in the segment and one of that is 'GST Manager- Diamond Merchant' which is a complete single window package for all diamond merchant's needs. Founded in Mumbai, GST Manager is the destination of choice for ERP solutions to the Diamond & Jewellery industry. The automated software is highly secured and interactive making it time-efficient, seamless & transparent. The optimized, personalized and portable solutions allow people from different parts of the world to work on a single system with the help of multiple taxation packages.

"GST manager offers best in class support for their clients and the company fully acknowledges the importance of keeping their clients happy"

Striving to be the Best
GST Manager offers best in class support for their clients and the company fully acknowledges the importance of keeping their clients happy. Adding about the unique benefits offered by the company, Co-founder, Mayuri Kate says, "We operate with the motto of 'Committed to People, Committed to the future' and we offer interactive personalized dashboards that give a glance at the entire business in just one click. All the reports are designed as per the respective Government format with BarCode and QR Code facility which helps in easy and secure sharing of data. Notifications and reminders help the clients to catch up with their targets and avoid missing deadlines. Highly protected and encrypted data transfer between client and server ensures safe transactions. Real-time inventory enriches the system by guiding the clients to clinch with proper decisions. With all this, we aim to transform the industry into a completely paperless office for simplicity and accessibility".

Starting from India, GST Manager is growing exponentially while serving solutions across worldwide locations like Dubai, Bangkok, Belgium, USA.

As far as the future goes, GST Manager is aiming for a major up-gradation based on implementing Artificial Intelligence concepts to develop highly accurate prediction models that help the client's decision making and it will also be beneficial for the masses at a cheaper cost.

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