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MEDNET Digitizing Healthcare to Drive a Healthier Tomorrow

Author : ERP Insights Team
Monday, December 4, 2017

ERP Insights Team

The rapid growth in the population of India has led to a high demand of efficient healthcare systems. Today, with hundreds of thousands of patients seeking healthcare facilities each day, it has become a challenging task for the hospitals to run their administration smoothly. The growing amount of data with each passing year makes it difficult task for employees to manually maintain all the clinical, financial and operational records. Siddharth Nakade and Omkar Nakade, two brothers who had just shifted to India from USA to get their mother's terminal level cancer cured, observed that the doctors in India were overburdened with the patient flow which lacked digitization and automation. The duo realized the need for a systematic, automated system to maintain medical records in India and that is when MEDNET was born.

A flagship product of Oakland Systems, MEDNET was created with a vision to improve and standardize processes, making patient care predictable, quick and accurate. A unique Hospital Information Management System (HIMS), MEDNET is renowned for offering 360-degree solutions including EMR, PACS, LIS, and device integrations. The creation objective of MEDNET is very well met through its exclusive features which include Delivering Better Patient Care, Better Decision making, Better Usage of Technology, No third party software on your device, Open Source Technology, Practice Management, Pre-Fed Scoring and Standards and Peripheral Integrations. "MEDNET HIMS connects all the functions inside and outside the hospital to work efficiently and intuitively based on international and national standards. We want healthcare data to be available at just one click of button. The way implementation process is being carried out by our engineers, the adaption rate of our system with the end users has gone high; this makes the hospital ecosystem more resilient and process-driven," says Siddharth Nakade, Co-Founder, Oakland Systems. Today, MEDNET has successfully achieved over 10000 users, with over 10 Million Patient Records maintained and over 50 Million prescriptions generated till date.

Headquartered in Nagpur, Oakland Systems has stood firm to work towards ingraining technology in every aspect of healthcare business since its establishment in 2010. A pioneer in the field of Healthcare IT solution providers, Oakland is keeping up with its inception objectives by offering unique range of solutions for all major healthcare business areas like Clinics, Diagnostics, Pharmacy, Nursing home, Government Setup, Corporate Hospitals-ERP and Medical College. The company is also renowned for providing hardware products like MEDNET - KIOSK, MEDNET - Computer on Wheels and MEDNET - X Ray Digitizer. Oakland Systems' MEDNET range of solution majorly emphasizes on delivering ease-of-use, time-saving and prompt and accurate support for all healthcare operations.

From Here to Excellence

Oakland Systems' future plans include providing wellness and preventive routines for communities. The firm would like to provide people with tools using which they would be able to track their health and body vitals themselves. Also, for patients who need post hospitalization care, Oakland's technology platform will help them do so from the comfort of their home. "As short terms goals, Oakland has plans to integrate as many medical devices into MEDNET. Patient care has to improve with the implementation of smart software which assists the clinicians with "Advanced Clinical Decision Support". Also, in its patient app front, we would soon be adding features like Diagnostic Ordering, Wellness programs and Pharmacy ordering," shares Omkar Nakade, Co-Founder, Oakland Systems. Lastly in the bigger picture, MEDNET strives to make an ecosystem of data and insights accessible to make room for smart and predictive analysis towards creating a healthier tomorrow.