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Pqsi Digital: Delivering Success Stories In Industrial Digital Transformation With Leading Names Of Indian Manufacturing

Author : Venkat Krishna, Founder & CEO
Monday, March 15, 2021

Venkat Krishna, Founder & CEO

Industry 4.0 - Digital Transformation has been a predominant theme for many years and, the pandemic has made business leaders accelerate their digital transformation plans. PQSI Digital is a specialist in Industrial Digital Transformation and boasts some of the best names in Indian manufacturing as users for their product.

StatPort from PQSI Digital accumulates data from manufacturing processes including hand held measurement systems, air electronic gages, CMM, scanners, sensors, data loggers, MT Connect adapters, OPC UC adapters, welding machines, and conveyors into Big Data archives. StatPort's efficiency in working with different edge sources, data structures and capabilities in dealing with data quality and intermittent internet connectivity without depending on proprietary software or cloud costs has made it a solution of choice for manufacturing companies.

StatPort is developed 100 percent on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) which in turn is based on a fully configurable master data management (MDM) framework. This makes it possible for StatPort to mirror varying processes and data structures with ease. StatPort also has a configurable suite of apps for inspection, audit, production monitoring, condition monitoring, quality control, calibration management and workflow approvals. These apps derive automatically from the master data framework and accelerate roll out, deliver ROIs early and break even in the first year of transformation.

Unlike many popular Industry 4.0 products and solutions that focus on specific data sets or specific theme, StatPort works with a multitude of data structures and delivers analytics, monitoring capabilities, KPIs and dashboards that are in line with the management thinking and culture of each customer. Also, unlike popular offerings, we do not burden our customers with user licenses and cloud costs.

In addition to traditional use cases like control charts for study of variance and capability histograms, equipment utilisation and effectiveness, StatPort delivers data driven digital twins of machines and processes. With StatPort you can build a Smart Factory that can be monitoring in real time from anywhere.

Cyber Physical interactions, programmed interactions between machines and humans are the essence of Industry 4.0. A good understanding of this theme will help business leaders evolve from digitalisation to digital transformation.

"PQSI digital is a specialist in industrial digital transformation and boasts some of the best names in Indian manufacturing as users for their product"

StatPort from PQSI Digital has a workflow system with Cyber Physical capabilities to study the interaction of machines and processes across MIS levels, production stages and across systems. The powerful big data backend of StatPort has meta data capabilities that assimilates multiple data points into user readable metrics and KPIs. Workflow in StatPort has in-built algorithms that can monitor machines and processes and respond automatically based on configured business rules. This helps businesses transform from being people dependent to data driven, which is vital for post pandemic new normal.

When asked about their approach to Digital Transformation, Venkat Krishna, Founder & CEO at PQSI Digital says, "Our approach to product development has been very organic and entirely based on customer requirements. We have used efficient combinations of time tested statistical and mathematical models and have powered them with the latest technology, keeping in mind the affordability and ease of use."

The core team at PQSI Digital has been exposed to problems of partial digitalisation. "When we visit shop floors we see that our customers invest their most valuable human resources and significant portions of time in data collection and report generation. Our aim is to collapse these data cycles, relieve vital resources and enable our customers in problem solving and continuous improvements that deliver sustainable bottom line impact."

Venkat adds, "Digital Transformation is disruptive in nature. Users must be given elements of continuity so that they can grasp the change and deliver bottom line impact. We have kept this in mind when we design our user experience. Instead of asking customers to fit into our product, we made a configurable product that can adopt to our customers' best practices."

What makes PQSI Digital different is their focus - purely on industrial digital transformation and, specifically on data sources from the shop floor. The core team has assessed digitalisation and readiness across 70+ factories all over India. This experience and focus helps them build the right features and capabilities into their product.

The commitment shown by PQSI Digital to never compromise on the quality of their services and constantly update themselves to keep pace with the changing dynamics of the industry has helped them deliver results to the best names in Indian manufacturing. They have delivered solutions to OEMs, Tier 1, Tier 2 and MSME. Across locations, PQSI StatPort aggregates close to 500,000 data points from a variety of data sources and structures.