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ProcurEngine: Making Business Negotiations Sharper and Helping Organizations Improve Profitability

Author : Anupam Aggrwal, Director
Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Anupam Aggrwal, Director

E-negotiations have consistently got customers 4-17% better prices than the traditional negotiations. However, the solutions available in the market are either too complicated, especially for the vendors to quote or they are not able to capture the requirements comprehensively. Also, the platform costs are also exorbitant ­ restricting their wider usage. Acknowledging this scenario, ProcurEngine was established to help organizations in improving their business profitability. The company saw an opportunity in the market where they could offer their advanced platform to large organizations for their vendors to negotiate effectively and reliably while still being fast. Their extremely reliable, secure and afford-able offerings have helped the brand to clock in impressive growth numbers as well and create a niche in the market.

Anupam Aggrwal, Director of the company has been spear- heading the business operations of the company for a long time now. When asked about the uniqueness of their offerings and how they are aiming to be a positive change agent in the market, Anupam adds, "Most of the organizations face challenges when it comes to the user's acceptance to the newer solutions due the day-to-day work pressures and additional costs involved. We wanted to be a change-bringer in the industry and our flagship product is an advanced e-Negotiation platform ­ ProcurEngine ( It has been designed in such a way that it is extremely easy to operate and to participate. It creates value for the business quickly and transparently. It has many unique features which help our clients to negotiate with their vendors in a wide variety of situations like e-RFQ, e-Auctions, and counter-offers to name a few. Also, it gives easy data retrieval for audits as well. Hosted on Microsoft Azure, it offers an extremely secure environment. We have priced it very competitively and the implementation take less than a week including mapping all the users and personalized landing page. Our customers can also create a customized report to meet their business requirements. We see ProcurEngine as a change agent, a catalyst which helps buyers to look at the overall objective of the business as well as the importance of their role in achieving that objective by improving effectiveness of e-Negotiations. It uses its simplicity, effectiveness and sup-port ecosystem to create comfort with the buyer and maximizing value for business".

“ProcurEngine acts a change agent, a catalyst which helps buyers to look at the overall objective of the business as well as the importance of their role in achieving that objective by improving effectiveness of e-Negotiations”

Adding more about the impact of Covid-19 on the industry and how they are aiming to continue evolve with the changing trends, Anupam elucidates, "The world is on the brink of finding new avenues of Artifical Intelligence/Machine Learning, Crypto-Currencies, Block-Chain etc. The mid to long term future for our company will be drastically different than what we see today. As we all know, the pandemic has created a new normal and the corporate realm has changed drastically. The same can be said for how business negotiations happen with almost all of the industry shifting lanes to the digital realm. Through our offerings, we are aiming to help businesses deal with this sudden change. We are also working on several avenues to take leader-ship role in the emerging areas in order to help our partner customers to take quantum leap as and when the newer technologies start taking shape. ProcurEngine has its users spread across different segments like Petrochemicals, Cement, Fertilisers, EPCs. Speciality Films, e-Waste Management, Water Infra, Renewable Energy and so on. It cuts across different segments to help businesses to maximize value in vendor negotiations ­ both in buying and selling. As of now, we are one of the fastest growing company in this field with more and more prospective customers reaching us through references. Going forward, we are aiming to cover the entire Source to pay cycle and make it extremely simple and affordable for a company of any size".