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August - 2021 issue

Cover Story

CW ERP Solutions: A Next Generation ERP Solutions Provider Striving For Continuous Improvement And Constant Innovation
CWERP Solutions is one of the pioneering names in the Indian ERP service provider market.

Editor's Choice

Anil Joshi & Abhinav Bharti LeadCRM: Nurturing Quality Customer Relationships With Real-Time Cloud-Based CRM Software
By Anil Joshi & Abhinav Bharti
Businesses often include complex and tedious processes to record data in spreadsheets, leading to hindrances that encumbers business growth such as difficult data retrieval, security breaches,...  more >>

In My Opinion

Sanjay Desai The Future Of Online Retail!
By Sanjay Desai
A few people will have performed many internet purchases by the time you finish reading this article.  more >>

CXO Insights

Subram Natarajan Digital Transformation: A Bare Necessity To Survive In The Market Successfully
By Subram Natarajan
This will continue to gain momentum because of two reasons. One, there are still a lot of enterprises that need to make significant progress in digital transformation.  more >>

Amit Luthra, Chief Digital Officer, Electrono Solutions Managing Unstructured Data: The Key For Businesses To Become A Data Guardian
By Amit Luthra, Chief Digital Officer, Electrono Solutions
It was rightly predicted a few years ago that data deluge will take place and the world will be driven by this data.  more >>

Ankur Dayal The E-Commerce Model Of D2C: The Next Big Thing?
By Ankur Dayal
Never in public memory has a disaster affected the entire world so drastically and at such a rapid pace as seen in 2020.  more >>

Last Word

Sohrab Sitaram, CEO & Director, Keventers Customer Engagement For Driving Business Growth
By Sohrab Sitaram, CEO & Director, Keventers
Customer engagement is everything in business and this is because of the increased presence of peer research and online reviews, the existing customer’s power to influence has hit the roof.  more >>