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October - 2021 issue

Cover Story

Gopal Kulkarni Resumefox: Your New-Age Go-To Solution For Enterprise Recruitment & Onboarding
Major automation trends powered by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Robotic Process Automation across industries

Top 10 Recruitment Management Software - 2021

EduThrill: Pioneering Brand revolutionizing the HRTech industry

EduThrill was founded in 2017 by Leela Kaza and Amit Arora. The vision was to create an exceptional gamified HRTech and EdTech platform  more >>

Company Spotlight

Akashh Jaiswal (Founder and Chairman) Key Chain Developers: A Pioneer That Aims For A Technology-Driven Corporate Realm
By Akashh Jaiswal (Founder and Chairman)
Since 1st May 2018, the folks at Key Chain Developers Pvt Ltd have strived to use technology to strengthen people and help them realize their full potential.  more >>

In My Opinion

Kunal Gupta Contractual Workforce And The Human Resource Development
By Kunal Gupta
Originally conceived of as contract work, "alternative" work today includes work performed by outsourced teams, contractors, freelancers, gig workers (paid for tasks), and the crowd (outsourced...  more >>

CXO Insights

Mayank Kumar E-Learning TO E-Placement: E-Placements should come together not in different lines
By Mayank Kumar
If life was a book, then the chapter just completed had all the ingredients and more that make for a page-turner, a strong opening,  more >>

Neeraj Basur Evolving role of Financial Consulting in India
By Neeraj Basur
Post economic and commercial liberalization of mid 1990s, several sectors opened up for private participation in India.  more >>

Vikram Wadhawan Chatbots Transforming the Recruitment Industry
By Vikram Wadhawan
Did you know that 70 percent job-seekers lose interest in a role if they don't hear back from the employer in a week?  more >>

Dr.Sunita Gandhi Why do our Educators need Teacher Training?
By Dr.Sunita Gandhi
The COVID-19 crisis tested every teacher's ability to adapt and innovate the new ways of teaching.  more >>

Yogita Tulsiani Ways To Improve Workplace Culture For The Employee's Mental Well Being
By Yogita Tulsiani
The year 2021 has begun with new enthusiasm at the workplace, welcoming the employees after a long period of remote work.  more >>

Rachit Chawla How can the millennials deal with this crisis, shortage of funds, and job loss amid Covid-19?
By Rachit Chawla
Millennials have often been criticized as a generation that spends more and saves less, and this pandemic might prove to be a coming of age story for them.  more >>

Last Word

Amit Srivastava Businesses Strategies for Selecting & Implementing New Technology
By Amit Srivastava
Having conversation with many CXO's, industry leaders and futurists in past few months makes me to un-limit my imagination and perspective on future.  more >>