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Rank Software & Consultancy: Transforming Education through Videocation

Author : Pankaj Kundwani
Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Pankaj Kundwani

India's education system has long been waiting for a refurbish that could spread knowledge to the remotest corner of the country. And now, the Digital India initiative seems to be the answer. The zealous and forward looking idea of the government can be a great way of making education accessible to all, extensively based on the development of faster communication facilities such as National Optical Fibre Network and widespread adoption of Internet enabled devices. But to make this dream come true is a journey of a thousand miles, and it does begin with a single step.

Thinking ahead of times, Rank Software & Consultancy, a Kolkata based company, predicted the future well in advance and saw video based "Face to Face business applications" as the most effective and affordable medium of communication in future. They believed that latest lean & smart software based video systems unified with communication technology could be the best medium to help education, health and other basic necessities achieve the reachability they deserve. "The teacher to pupil ratio has been very low in India. The gap of quality education between urban, semi urban and rural areas has been huge, which must be bridged using technology. Qualified and experienced teachers have their own reservations teaching in rural areas due to odd living conditions, lack of earning opportunities or lack of time. Using video, they can certainly share their knowledge through the digital medium," says Anil P Kastuar, Managing Director, Rank Software & Consultancy.

The 2013 founded company and Nasscom 10K startup has been effectively leveraging latest technological developments in Unified Communication, Mobile Technology, Smart Video Conferencing and the advanced software development tools, and have developed face to face video business solutions for Video Banking, Video Financial services, Video Insurance, Video Healthcare, Video Education & Learning, Video HR Training and Video Talent Interview Management. Anil explains the main motive behind coming up with solution for the education domain to be company's obligation towards the society and an endeavor to power Indian education system with cutting edge technology solution that he believes is even better than what is being used in some of the advanced nations.

Giving the brick & mortar academic institutions, a new software product & process to deliver quality education to students at a lower cost, Rank Software & Consultancy has received rave responses for its smart eLearning suite which can connect and extend the expert availability to the remotest corner of the globe to connect the students face to face over the video. The solution, which has built in an intelligent call routing engine, makes distance learning an easy affair. It provides rich, interactive real presence education along with tailor made programs and content, giving teachers the tools to engage students with more interactive and innovative educational experiences. "Though internet connectivity is not yet widespread in India, we have to be hopeful and start taking baby steps towards building a base for future education. In a complex and populated country like India, technology is the only way to simplify things," Anil conveys with optimism.

Being a step ahead, Rank Software & Consultancy has not just emerged as a technology companion for modern age students, but also travels with them through technology driven work environments of the present times. Its F2F Video HR Training solution helps organizations develop interactive F2F Video-learning courses to train employees on standardized operations. This not only helps them achieve their training and development objectives better but also reduces operational cost and enhances productivity.

Enabling Healthcare
Rank Software & Consultancy has been significantly exploring new possibilities with IP based video and mobility solutions to enable various industries. Healthcare in India too has similar challenges of accessibility, which Anil believes can be won over with Video health & Care, a one stop mobility solution for both hospitals and individual doctors, offered by the company.

The solution helps doctors balance their work life, avoiding unnecessary crowds, queues causing delays during work hours, besides reducing physical visits needed often at hospitals for cases such as post operational visits and minor problems. Patients can also schedule their appointments, share medical reports, get E-prescriptions, and pay consultation fees using their PC or handheld smart mobile devices. Doctors can capture the Vitals and see the medical diagnostic images on their video.

Plan for Tomorrow
Recording an astonishing 500 percent growth last year over previous year, Rank Software & Consultancy has been ardently creating new ways of business transaction processes by giving "Face" to "Faceless" transactions over Internet or Mobile. "We are disrupting the existing business processes, integrating technologies like Internet of Things (IOT), Unified Communications (UC), Smart Scalable Video Conferencing (SVC) to our solution suite. We aim at agility, flexibility, responsiveness and believe in being successful only by making our customers successful," concludes Anil.