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Softype: Redefining Management of Academic Institutions with edERP

Author : Pankaj Kundwani
Monday, July 27, 2015

Pankaj Kundwani

Long queues, tiring admission procedures, piles of paperwork, parents and students running from one counter to another, are all common sights during student admissions in educational institutions in India. This is just one of the many scenarios where schools, colleges and universities still follow the conventional methods that require significant manpower on the administration side, while immense patience from the applicants/students side. Considering the hassles involved in excel sheet based management systems, it's high time for educational institutions in India to adopt automation tools to simplify and streamline their management processes. Softype, Inc., a California based company wasn't too late to identify the grey areas in management of academic institutions and came up with edERP (Education ERP), a comprehensive solution built on NetSuite, one of the worlds's leading cloud ERP solutions.

Enlightening on the Indian scenario, Vilgaile Striuzaite, Product Manager, Softype Inc., says, "Many educational institutions are open to enhance the efficiency of their operations to deliver better experience to all the stakeholders of education. However, many times they categorize ERP implementation under cost center rather than the revenue center. What they must analyze is the benefits that they could unlock in the long run saving on the cost incurred in additional human resource and improved efficiency of operations." While in some instances where student admissions and enrollment processes take several months, edERP helps not only in minimizing paper work, but also boosts the speed of operations. Being a Cloud based NetSuite certified software, edERP eliminates the need for high CAPEX, protects necessary data from crashes and accidents at peak times, and also allows users to access data anywhere, anytime.

Softype aims at providing feature rich ERP solution that includes numerous modules ranging from admissions to enrollment, scholarships, school accounting, student management and assessment, faculty management and course/program administration for institutions of any size, all on a single database. Apart from academic institutions, the solution has also been successfully implemented in NGOs to manage their daily affairs, donors and funds.

"We have spent many years understanding the education sector across various geographies like US, Europe, Philippines and India to come up with edERP. What we have got today can be implemented with minimum customizations and is capable of bringing enhanced productivity to educational institutions, allowing them to focus on their core competencies rather than managing complex IT systems," explains Ranjana Deshmukh, Director, Global Client Services & Strategy, Softype, Inc.

Being a workflow consulting firm specializing in best practice-based solutions to companies operating in distributed work environments, the 1998 founded Softype is one of the earliest solution providers for NetSuite since 2004. Having office in Mumbai in India, the 17 years old company is aggressively expanding its footprint across Europe, Philippines, Africa, Kenyan and Nigeria, looking for partners who can share the same vision as Softype."We are constantly working on developing new modules around admission and enrollment based on customer feedback. We also look forward to mobile integration in coming future," concludes Ranjana.