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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

While our economy is surging up with more active trades, e-commerce, B2B transactions, third party logistics and marketplaces, the expectation for faster deliveries and the smooth functioning of multi-party supply chains are giving rise to more advanced inventory management systems. Being the connecting point of sales, purchase and other areas of business, inventory management puts forth the challenges of revenue the loss in stock-out and over-stock situations. Only an automated management system with real-time information access can address the present intricacies faced by more than 50 millions of SMEs and other organized businesses in India. This gap was a natural match for a perfect business opportunity for the duo Vimal Nair and Karthik Bala to start StockOne, a comprehensive cloud-based SAAS using their expertise in supply chain management and web application development.

StockOne, being the flagship the product of MieOne Technologies Pvt aims to slash the inaccuracy in inventory count, reduce the order processing time, intelligently mange with stock-outs and sales returns and push away all the challenges faced by the wholesalers, e-commerce sellers, 3PLs, and marketplaces - basically any and all businesses that deal in inventory. Delineating on the USP of the product, Vimal Nair, CEO, MieOne Technologies, says, "While others provide either standardized solutions or very basic customization, we go one step ahead and deliver exhaustive and complete configurability. Company's digital/online/web portal allows multichannel management covering B2B, B2C, offline and online orders processing. As the most user-friendly tool for warehouses and the personnel associated with it, StockOne is a ready-to-use solution that ensures rapid deployment of end-to-end tasks in just two days of on boarding. Preferred as the trustworthy partner by many companies across different verticals and sectors, our B2B portal bags multiple constituents like unique logins for resellers and customers, visibility of 1-day and 3-day stock, centralized order placement, processing, updating and complete tracking, and fresh and up to- date cataloguing."

There are various use cases under each feature in StockOne like Warehouse Management, Procurement Management, Job Work Management and much more. A business' crucial tasks including vendor management - communication, purchase orders, auto ordering and returns; system-directed picking and put-away; and documentation - invoice generation, GST/new policy adjustment can be left to StockOne, consequently, the time and effort can be saved to concentrate on business growth and expansion.

One-stop-solution for varied business needs

The technical know-how and in-depth domain expertise behind the execution of StockOne solidifies the credibility of the product among customers. The company clears the bottlenecks in the supply chain management by working closely with the client and ensures a significant the value proposition to the business irrespective of its size or industry type. The best example for this is StockOne's adoption by Swiss Military. Swiss Military has over 50 thousand products and over 5000 B2B customers at different hierarchy like retailers, wholesalers and distributors. StockOne could lessen the intricacy of the supply chain and streamline the entire business the process by automating the order placements among desired business entities. Widely used by clients from Apparel to FMCG - Switz Inc, Milk Basket, Campus Sutra and The Indian Garage Co, to quote a few, StockOne is a unique software solution that would fit into diverse sectors with comprehensive and extensive features to streamline day-to-day operations.

Developed and nurtured by a group of young and passionate professionals, StockOne plays a vital role in the success of MieOne Technologies. Emerged as a pioneer in supply chain consulting, the company was able to achieve 50 customers in May 2018 through StockOne, within a year of its launch. With the consistent growth of above 20 percent per month, StockOne is ahead on its course to reach 100 customers by September, 2018. Adding Digital Marketing into the service spectrum recently, the company is getting ready for more developments for the future. Remote On-boarding of Clients, Integration with Marketplaces, Delivery Portals and Accounting systems are short term plans of the company, while expansion to South-East Asia, North American and European continents will remain as long terms goals.