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Y-Axis Technologies: iSMARTs -Smarter Way to Education Automation

Author : ERP Insights Team
Thursday, July 23, 2015

ERP Insights Team

Gone are the days when a teacher would call out names of each student in a class to mark their attendance during the morning roll call. Old diary based systems in academic institutions are now slowly being parted away, as education institutions need more integrated solutions that not only fix few specific pieces but solve the entire puzzle. While on other side, ensuring safety of school going children is a major botheration to parents, reasoned to their busy work life and increasing number of crimes against children. Dubai headquartered Y-Axis Technologies, realized the criticality of these simple yet precarious daily affairs and developed i-Smart School, an ERP solution to help Schools/Colleges automate their entire administrative activities as well as ensure safety of students.

Sharing one of the intricate instances of schooling, Nitin Damodaran, CSO and Member of Management Board, Y-Axis Technologies, says, "Imagine a 5 years old kid who sleeps away in the bus while coming back from school and the driver forgets to notice it. Similar situations where a child misses the bus or gets into a wrong bus and eventually ends up landing at a place alien to him/her. In absence of proper methodologies to track their locus, it could become a situation of fright for the child, parents and the school administration. A technology solution of iSMARTs' caliber is instrumental in ensuring prevention even before the need of cure arises."

The 2009 founded Y-Axis Technologies has created a niche with its all encompassing solution that covers end-to-end functions of a school, ranging from admission & enrollment, attendance, payroll, transport, hostel management, accounting & finance, and tracking the locus of children within and outside school premises. The tracking and safety feature of iSMARTs has been powered by RFID tags integrated with school ID-cards. This eliminates the need for manual attendance as well as keeps track of school students while they are commuting, through RFID readers installed in the busses. iSMARTs' active notification feature sends SMS and E-mail updates to parents about the real time location of their children.

Y-Axis Technologies also boasts of having a dedicated social interaction platform where parents, teachers and students can interact and share ideas with each other. On the same lines, iSMARTs also features digital diary which simplifies and streamlines communication between parents and school administration. The cloud based software allows users to access every bit of information on child's activities and academic performance without time and place constraints. This ultimately reduces paper work and eliminates the need of maintaining piles of registers to keep student records.

Throwing light on the roadmap ahead, Nitin adds, "All our products are aimed at emerging markets that are cost sensitive and need to be addressed with solutions that are simple, cost effective yet generating significant value. We are looking at global expansion especially in countries like India, Bangladesh and Africa."