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Zestard Technologies: Quality Web Solutions Powered by Quality Innovations

Author : Nandini Mukherjee
Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Nandini Mukherjee

When we log on to a website, the first thing that catches our eyes is the design, content and other visual aspects. But as we go further, the way it interacts with us becomes the deciding factor of whether we would revisit the site or not. Being a first line of communication between an organization and its potential customers, a website today is not just a bunch of graphics, information and contact details but a sales representative of the modern era. There may be numerous web designing & development firms present in the market, but what makes the choice tricky is to find the one which can truly create a long lasting user experience. Making the choice easy is Zestard Technologies, an Ahmedabad based software development firm that offers the finest choice of web design & development services based on the open source platform for the customers.

Since the onset of open source technologies, as Anuj Dalal MD & Co-founder, Zestard, mentions, there has been an ongoing war between open source and the proprietary technology. However, at present, open source is evolving as a preferred choice due to its flexibility, great community support and faster innovation. "We are aware of the possibilities that open source technologies can unlock and constantly work towards building superior, flexible and highly innovative web solutions to enable our clients' businesses," he adds.

Zestard, which comprises of well versed web designers, programmers and software professionals offer services ranging from web design and development (Medico portals, Social Community Websites, Blogging websites, Business Directory sites, B2B Portal and others), SEO and ERP-EDI Integrations to major industry verticals including their current work on "Bitcoins - Crypto Currency". "We have worked with market leaders in domains ranging from FMCG, E-commerce, Real Estate, Mining Industry, Fashion Apparel & Jewellery E-commerce and have provided them with profitable solutions that not only help them to sustain in competitive market pressures but also increase their brand visibility, loyalty and value," says Anuj.

Every Journey has a Purpose
Having delivered over 1000 web design and development solutions including over 300 e-commerce solutions, Anuj and his team envision broadening their horizon in-terms of the domains & industries. "We are planning to become solution experts with renowned open source CMS/frameworks and expanding our mobile application development team. Soon, we are going to launch mobile app extensions for in-demand e-commerce," smiles Anuj.