Inventions include use of AI to help people converse, protect the earth lakes and combat voice phishing ...  more>>
Ensures greater customer service through qualified engineer visit from outsourced partners ...  more>>
Implementation of Oracle Utilities Customer to Meter platform to be accelerated using Infosys PACE framework...  more>>
Latest enterprise information management portfolio helps reduce data landscape complexities by expanding data connectivity and source support ...  more>>
Helping to raise customer productivity through insights gained from its own internal 2,000-employee field trial...  more>>
Compact base stations can be deployed in stadiums, train stations, other sites...  more>>
The new Cloud Service for AWS combines Fujitsu’s extensive expertise as a system integrator with the power and scope of the market-leading cloud platform from AWS. ...  more>>
Partnership delivers essential security controls across endpoint, network, and cloud environments ...  more>>
Cybercriminals adapt tactics to prey upon evolving corporate technology environments...  more>>
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