combination of Intent-based Segmentation and high performance to help reduce cost, complexity and risks for robust security architecture...  more>>
Based on the latest Digital Transformation Index with 4,600 business leaders from more than 40 countries, emerging markets dominate the country ranking as the most digitally mature ...  more>>
Analysts to Discuss Data and Analytics Trends in Government at Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2019 ...  more>>
All Segments Forecast to Exhibit Growth in 2019 despite Recession, Brexit Threat ...  more>>
Partnership will deliver industry-specific capabilities in the cloud for customers in India and the Middle East ...  more>>
Despite Talent Shortages, the Percentage of Organizations Employing AI Grew 270 Per Cent over the Past Four Years ...  more>>
Wipro‚Äôs has over two decades of experience in end-to-end product and engineering services, across industries. ...  more>>
Through the implementation of the SCM suite, Infor will bring a globally-consistent approach to supply chain planning...  more>>
Wipro is among the top 10 most valuable brands in the global IT services sector....  more>>
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