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Digitalseed Aids Other Start-ups And SMEs In Their Marketing Efforts

Friday, 19 April 2019, 04:49 Hrs

The start-up ecosystem of India is ever-rising. According to a report released by NASSCOM, India is the third largest centre for tech start-ups in the world. Not just tech, but start-ups in every sector are launching here at the speed of light. However, a majority of start-ups struggle to find an advertising agency that resonates with their budget. All small & medium enterprises (SMEs) yearn to establish their identity and appeal to the discerning needs of the customers, but the pricey services of the digital marketing companies take a toll on the growth of the company. To bridge this gap, Digitalseed established itself as a cost-effective digital marketing start-up that assists SMEs in online marketing efforts.

Digitalseed is a marketing company from Latur, Maharashtra that began its operations in Pune, in the year 2017. The company is a strong supporter of the ‘Digital India’ Initiative and wish to empower all the businesses to be a part of the digital revolution. The company started its operations with an endeavour to facilitate all the businesses whether big or small, in their growth by bringing them online.

The start-up has received a good response from the indigenous SMEs. It witnessed a whopping 5 times growth in the overall revenue to 60 Lakh within a year. Till date, the company has offered its services to over 60 clients and handled the marketing budget of more than 15 crores.

Digitalseed provides a gamut of digital services to its clients that facilitate them in expanding their online reach and in leveraging the power of online marketing. These include Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Web Hosting, Mobile Marketing, Website Design & Development, Affiliate Marketing, Campaign Management, and Social Media Marketing. Digitalseed is known to offer cost-effective and affordable services that are customized according to the needs of the clients.

The company provides all-inclusive digital marketing services to its clients from website development and content creation to lead generation and driving relevant traffic to the websites. Digitalseed follows an intuitive approach. It understands the overall needs of the clients as well as their business and then formulates customized marketing strategies. The company implements sales-oriented strategies that guarantee an overall boost in the revenues. It shares each and every minute project detail with the clients including marketing spends, implementation strategy & channels and status of the project. The company has a transparent working pattern whereby it keeps the clients aware of the money spent on marketing and the ROI thus generated.

Hrishikesh Deshmukh, the founder of Digitalseed said, “According to Google, companies that use Digital Marketing strategies witness 2.8 times growth in their revenues. That is why we are here to help businesses in their growth story. We are a team of zealous and proficient website developers, designers and digital marketers who amassed together in 2017 to lay the foundation of Digitalseed, the budding digital marketing company in Pune. Our developers have developed more than 500 websites till date and this rich experience is exemplified on every project undertaken by our team. Our sole endeavour is to grow by playing a crucial role in the growth story of our clients. Excellence is the key to success and we believe in achieving new milestones through our excellence. This has facilitated us to achieve this impressive feat. We develop customized strategies that focus on enhancing the sales of the clients. Our client’s portfolio includes big names like MIT School of Distance Education, Wheel Street, Logout world and many more. We have helped these players in their marketing efforts by garnering 300-500 percent growth in their traffic and sales. After our success in Latur, we ventured in Pune to replicate the success and we will continue helping the businesses with their marketing efforts.”