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HCL Tech Partners With Ams Osram

Thursday, 20 January 2022, 10:04 Hrs

IT Company HCL Technologies Ltd (HCL) has expanded its strategic transformation partnership with ams OSRAM in order to digitize one of the optical solutions leader’s key business processes and drive enterprise resource planning as well as customer relationship management systems standardization across the organization.

HCL will also continue to lead IT infrastructure operations integration for the client.

The partnership will bring greater maturity in ams OSRAM’s digital execution capabilities and drive global IT operations excellence by increasing agility and scalability to accelerate innovation.

To enable this, HCL said it will develop and operate a modern digital foundation through data center, hybrid cloud and network transformation and will also enhance the end-user experience through increased use of AI, automation and self-service capabilities, IT service management, process modernization, and service integration and management.

ams OSRAM’s post-merger mission is to become the uncontested leader in optical solutions by fostering innovation through intelligent technology. The framework made it ideally suited to accelerate ams OSRAM’s digital transformation roadmap.

“Our extended partnership with ams OSRAM creates an exciting opportunity to build on HCL’s existing successes in Germany and the wider DACH region," said Frank Fehler, Senior Vice President, HCL Tech.