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HCL Technologies Appoints Siki Giunta To Lead Its Cloud Consulting Business

Tuesday, 15 June 2021, 06:03 Hrs

Siki Giunta, a senior executive at Accenture Plc, has been hired to oversee HCL Technologies' cloud consulting division. This move was made today because demand for cloud services has increased as a result of pandemic-related remote working.

As executive vice president, Giunta will join HCL Technologies. She has a wealth of experience leading the creation of global cloud strategy for multinational companies. Siki has overseen the software products business and scaled enterprise-grade hybrid cloud, data center, and hosting companies.

During her tenure at Accenture, she served as managing director and global strategy lead for that company’s Journey to Cloud programme. Prior to that, she served as chief executive officer of Managed Objects and Fortisphere.

Kalyan Kumar, chief technology officer and head ecosystems, HCL Technologies says, "We are extremely delighted to have Siki on our team. Her knowledge in Cloud and Agile software development with a unique lens of industry relevance and proven experience of leading global firms will be of tremendous benefit to HCL CloudSmart."

Indian IT firms are benefiting from the increased spending by their clients in adopting cloud services for their business. For most companies, a third of the revenue comes from customers looking to shift their applications from their servers to the cloud.

Excited about her appointment, Siki said, “Cloud has become the strategic pillar within any organization to build a responsive, scalable and resilient business model. Organizations today are facing an urgent need to ‘rethink cloud’ to accelerate digital transformation and maximize business value aligned with customer needs, organizational goals and unique market conditions.”