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How Can You Make Employees More Productive

Wednesday, 19 August 2020, 06:29 Hrs

How can you make employees more productive?

As a manager, it may get stressful if you hire the wrong kind of staff to work for you. It may lead to burning out as you try to juggle different activities. Having a qualified and resourceful staff helps your company and maximizes profitability and simplifies your work in running the whole business or your department.

It may be somewhat a new term for you at the moment. What is an org chart? It is a chart that contains the names of a few important role players and their respective titles. According to Assignmentgeek.com, after creating this chart, you don't have to bother updating it anytime soon because you may create ripples that will affect your business operations. Take this org chart as a live document or template that enables you to make quality decisions that will, in turn, set a solid foundation for the company you are running or managing.

An org chart lists all of your employees based on the hierarchy of their titles, roles, or positions. You will not find fast and hard rules: you can create it as a soft document or draw it out on a whiteboard where your staff can see. Below you will find several reasons why having an org chart is beneficial for your company's growth:

1. It is a useful accountability machine.

When you map out the responsibilities and expectations of your company's various positions, employees understand what they must do and their role in the company. It helps curb the notion of "I thought that was the responsibility of so and so... is this not part of your responsibility?"

2. You get more done and faster.

Having an org chart in place enables a manager to know which employee is responsible for what, making it easy for them to engage with the concerned employees in any area of concern. Whenever you have queries or want to assign duties, you will have a smooth time locating the right employee for a task. You will minimize time wastage since if you need something, you know who to talk to.

3. An organization chart empowers your employees.

Because of an org chart, you inspire a culture allowing people to bring out the best in whatever department they are in. Some employees may not know their responsibilities, but they get a clear picture of what they must do with the help of an org chart. It enables them to put 100% concentration in their work. When your staff knows what you expect from them, they will take the necessary steps to fill those gaps.

4. It helps in planning out the future of a business.

When you're mapping your org chart, consider areas you are good at and those you perform poorly. After assessing yourself, you will know where you need to do. What follows is creating your budget and finding people who will help you in tasks you don't wish to do yourself. Finally, you can plan for expenses in terms of salaries depending on a particular employee's role in your company.


If you wish to attain better results, create an org chart, and put it in a place where all can see. Update your chart at least twice a year and make sure you work together with your employees while doing that.