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How Real-Time Data Is Helping Healthcare Sector In This Pandemic

Monday, 11 May 2020, 12:01 Hrs

How Real-Time Data is Helping Healthcare Sector in this PandemicThe Covid-19 is expanding its territory throughout the world and, the most affected domain due to this pandemic outburst is healthcare. Across the countries, the healthcare officials are considered as the front line Covid-19 warriors, who are also the main leads working to save the lives of the Corona infected patients.

In this time of lockdown imposed to control the spread of Covid-19, it is hard for the hospitals or healthcare personnel to gather all the information about the areas infected, number of tests conducted, number of samples collected, reports and the number of active patients or new patients and many more. In such instances, the real-time data is benefitting the doctors to track all the records and a right count of information gathered by hospitals and healthcare officials on a daily basis. To trace the developments happening in the hospitals and to find out the number of patients increased or decreased can be done in a short time using real-time data collected by the hospitals. Also, various doctors and hospitals are booking appointments through online platforms. Here are some of the ways of how real-time data can help the hospitals in this pandemic situation:

1. Communication –

Real-time data can help the hospitals and the healthcare department to communicate and provide information to the people. Like to inform the public about the things that are happening or taking place in the world of healthcare and provide the required information to decide further precautions. The real-time data collected by the healthcare officials is acting as a one-way platform to communicate with the government about the present situation and also will help in predicting the future circumstance that may arise.

2. Gathering Information –

From the time lockdown has implemented, most of the hospitals have asked their patients to take appointments before to avoid unnecessary gatherings and also as a safety measure. Similarly, the doctors are offering consultations online using various social platforms, in such conditions the real-time data is helping the hospitals and the doctors to gather the appointments information and to maintain the consultation records. 

3. Notifications –

Using real-time data gathered by the hospitals or the healthcare officials, it will easy to send any notification to the higher authorities or the patients. The implementation of real-time data can notify the authorities in two types of instances such as, firstly when any appointment is taking by a patient the hospital, a notification will be sent by the hospital to the patient consisting of all the information like the doctor name, timing and more. 

Another example where the notifications provided real-time data can be very useful is when any new case of Covid-19 is been detected. It can be helpful in forwarding the complete information about the patient to the officials to help in taking immediate actions to safeguard the people around them and others.

Applying real-time data concept can help the healthcare department in various ways as the world is under lockdown and the demand for technology is increasing. This method can assist the government in various ways and to take further decisions looking at the data gathered.