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Indian Startup Earns Million Dollars By Finding Bugs For Apple, Samsung, And Google

Friday, 18 February 2022, 04:04 Hrs

A young man's Startup from Indore has now turned into a million-dollar company by finding bugs in the applications made by tech giants like Google, Samsung, and Apple.

Aman Pandey started his company "Bugsmirror" after he was paid Rs 70000 by Google for finding a bug in one of their applications in 2019, while he was still studying.

Aman said, "I along with the Co-founder of "Bugsmirror", Manas, have found more than 600 bugs in various applications of Google, and the company has paid us crores of rupees in return. We have also found bugs in the applications of companies like Samsung and Apple."

Pandey said that his company is now getting businesses from Indian companies as well now. "Till now we had only international clients but now Indian customers are also coming to us for security audits of their products," he said. The Startup has 15 employees, including two founders.