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Top Tech Trends To Look For In 2020

Tuesday, 21 January 2020, 13:07 Hrs

Technology is changing lives from the last decade. By improving work process, living styles, and other business operations, technology has become ingenious part of human life.

Digital transformation started just a few years ago and it has progressed rapidly. In a recent report presented by the industry analyst, research and consulting firm Gartner says that strategic technology trend is making broader impacts. Gartner has divided the Strategic Technology Trends for 2020 in People Centric and Smart Spaces technology trends.

Here we have listed the technology trends for 2020. It includes future software and new technology, emerging business trends, upcoming technology in India.

Top Technology Trends:

1. AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Manufacturing – AI has become part of everyday life. From Alexa, Siri to Google Assistant, AI showed how it can make human life easy. This year emotion recognition and computer vision are into AI’s grip with possible intervention in the manufacturing industry.

2. Robots Taking Human Jobs – Manual labor is becoming less in demand with machines taking over the jobs like cleaning and inventory management. Now professionals in transaction-based jobs will have to look for other career options due to robot intervention.

3. Age of Internet of Things – Amazon Go was recently launched by Amazon where the system uses IoT and Machine vision technologies to allow users to buy without manual checkout. More and more sensors and vision technologies will be used, thus making IoT solutions further scalable. Some of the startups have started delivering similar services like Amazon Go. Other technologies like 5G will gain importance.

4. Hyper-Automation Influencing Task Automation – Hyper automation will take task automation to apex. As hyper-automation relates to advanced technologies like AI, packaged software and Machine Learning to replace human tasks by machines, hyper-automation will work over regular automation ability to make it more impactful.

5. Kubernetes in helping workloads across clouds – Kubernetes (K8s) is an open-source container-orchestration system that initiates automation and helps it in scaling and management. It is originally designed by Google and now it is maintained by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Kubernetes is leading container initiation by giving preference to OS-level virtualization above hardware virtualization, while container technology is brimming to become a key development framework to support the general move to multi-cloud.

6. Quantum Computing becoming commercial – Experts predict quantum computing to be the main thrive in 2020. Quantum computing will solve tough problems like health care and energy problems. In order to tackle big data which is required for cancer treatment, nuclear energy control and DNA analysis, Quantum computing will play a key role in all these. IBM, Google, Intel, Microsoft and Alibaba have already started using quantum computing.

7. Technology in Agriculture – Companies delivering products utilizing computer vision, AI and big data to the agricultural industry are gaining. This year crop monitoring will be done using computer vision Ceres. Robots like Abundant Robotics which harvest plants and fruits will be common. Technology will improve crop production.

8. Technology in Healthcare – Technology in healthcare will be able to make predictions at the genome level. Prevention theme in healthcare has made innovations in digital healthcare process. In the United States, startups like 23andMe and Color have made genome analysis possible. Likewise, Genesis Healthcare in Japan and Genoplan in Korean have done genome analysis. They all take genomic analysis to study disease patterns and provide solutions accordingly. AI in healthcare will augment treatment quality.