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Amalgamate Mobile And Native Advertising To Beat Ad Blockers Threat

by Sahil Chopra, - CEO & Founder, iCubesWire August-2018

Display Advertising has been flourishing since its advent but Ad Blockers appeared as stumbling block in its journey of success. According to a recent report by Page Fair, ad block users have got just doubled in last one year which are roughly counted as 419 million on mobile today from 198 million around the globe.

Mobile – Need of the Hour

Being a handy device more and more people use mobile to surf internet these days. According to a report, eMarketer expected 2.75 billion mobile internet users worldwide in 2016. It simply predicts that it’s easy to target these many internet users on mobile.

Understanding the importance of mobile, marketers are turning their websites and even images responsive. Banner ads are also made mobile-friendly these days. But, hatred of users for banner ads is the biggest challenge before marketers these days. Advertisers are contacting affiliate ad networks in India to find the right solution of the problem.

Ad Blocking – Challenge of Display Advertising

Marketers have been badgering users with traditional banner ads which have become a nuisance. Users no more want to get disturbed rather they want hassle-free internet surfing experience.

The biggest downside of mobile is that there is no option of opening another tab and if users accidentally click on an ad, they land on another page which causes frustration. It also sucks their data and battery which is another concern for mobile users.

All such problems lead them to install ad blockers. But, it has become a biggest challenge for display marketers and the whole industry is talking about the solutions or sidesteps.

Amalgamating Mobile and Native Advertising Is the Right Choice

Native advertising is being adopted as the right choice and a solution to ad blockers. Native ads perfectly match the look and feel of the website as well as are non-intrusive; therefore ad blockers cannot filter the native ads.

Amalgamating mobile with Native advertising is the best option because native ads ensure prevention from ad blockers and mobile ensures a good reach. What advertisers need to do is to do it carefully. They should ensure –

· Posting the content only to the relevant sites.

· Using quantifiable metrics to select the website like monthly page visitors, email subscribers, or social followers.

·  Paying attention to formatting as well like small and eye-catching headlines, bolded words, and bulleted list or content broken in different sub-headings.

·  Adding interesting, relevant, and responsive images to the content.

· Don’t post many images otherwise it will increase the load time.

Leverage the Best of Display Advertising

Native ads may give you less traffic than banner ads but, it will add to your brand awareness and the customers acquired will have good lifetime value. Amalgamating Mobile with native ads is the perfect solution for advertisers searching a solution that works. In order to beat ad blockers advertisers can resort on the best publisher network in India to make the most of mobile marketing and native advertising.