Enterprise View Point

by-Walter Banks, -CIO, Gainesville Regional Utilities
The fast-paced and ever-changing landscape of today’s tech-driven world demands more accessibility to... more>>
by-Sven Gerjets, -Former CIO, Time Warner Cable
Recently I have been advising a startup called Quantum Metric on their go to market strategy. Their product... more>>
 Internet of Things: the next Big Bang of Technology
The tsunami of inter connectivity among all of the objects, from door locks to toll booths, from refrigerators to smart phones, coffeemakers, cars and lamps to anything, has led... more>>
 Smarter, Better, Faster Business with the Cloud & Mobility
Every day, businesses of all types confront the ever-present challenge of working more efficiently and effectively toward continuous improvement and standing out among their... more>>
 Turning Technology Disruptions into Business Opportunities
The growth of our businesses in the future depends on our ability to leverage technologies and apply them to address the changing market needs. The disruptive technologies have... more>>
The Age of Digital Banking
Over the course of last few years, relevance of technology and as a result, the role of a CIO in the banking sector have both been elevated. In my view, the following five major factors have contributed to this change. First,... more>>
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