Enterprise View Point

by-Jon Wrennall-CTO, Fujitsu
Fujitsu’s latest research report Digital Inside Out revealed that digital services are truly driving... more>>
by-Srikanth G-CIO, Five Star Business CreditsSrikanth G, CIO, Five Star Business Credits
Historically IT has been used to cut turnaround times, automate processes and no doubt, it did bring in... more>>
Data Visualization Made Better
Challenges in Technology  While I see data sets everywhere, I don't see them connected to or aligned with an organization's value chain to provide timely insight... more>>
The New World Of The Technology Field
Gone are the days when developing a technology was a simple SDLC cycle, consisting of gathering requirements, designing, coding, testing and deploying. In the past two decades,... more>>
Accelerate your Business with Enterprise Resource Planning
You can’t live with it and you can’t live without it. That pretty much sums up the way CIOs and IT leader think about their ERP systems. One cannot doubt on ERP... more>>
Business Processes Simplified with IT
Business processes can be defined both across sales and after sales areas. Use of IT solutions like SAP, CRM systems, lead management systems, or dealer management systems ensures that employees or dealerships are all complying with... more>>
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