Enterprise View Point

by-Warren Neuburger,-CIO and EVP,, PGi
If there’s one truth, I’ve experienced working in technology, it’s that IT has to have... more>>
by-Vijay Bhat, -CIO,, Metenere Group
Today most of the business leaders especially CIO’s prefer to have an integrated ERP system to cater... more>>
How Reliance Entertainment leverages SMAC and ERP-SAP
Digital initiatives are must of all the business post emergence of Internet and social media. Being in the middle of Digital business, and carrying well-established brands in... more>>
The Future's Bright, The Future's Digital
Fujitsu’s latest research report Digital Inside Out revealed that digital services are truly driving the interactions we have with organisations – an exciting... more>>
Enhanced role of Technology in the Financial Services Sector
Historically IT has been used to cut turnaround times, automate processes and no doubt, it did bring in certain desired benefits in BFSI. However, if IT is allowed to... more>>
Is 'IT' Changing?
IT changing is like seismic waves which may or may not be felt but it is undergoing constant activity for sure. Disruptive technologies are like earthquakes which shatter old models and pave way for new structures. Business... more>>
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