Enterprise View Point

by-Hardik Bhatt and Kevin OToole,-CIO, DoIT & Chief of Transformation Applications, State of Illinois
Executive summary Across governments, there is an increasing need to meet agency demands and enhance... more>>
by-Thiagarajan N, -Director - IT, IMI Critical Engineering
Introduction Industry 4.0 is the topic very popular today because of its big influence on manufacturing.... more>>
Digital Transformation - A New Necessity for the Customer Experience
When we say Digital, what comes to one’s mind could vary from people to people. For some, it’s something to do with data and technology. For others, it’s... more>>
Big Data to Enable Artificial Intelligence and Drive Digital Transformation
Big data is eve­rywhere, and it continues to grow as we speak. However, we have reached a stage wherein handling big data – storing, processing, and analyzing... more>>
Biometric Identification - A Promising Concept in the Financial Industry
With around 2.5 billion of unbanked adults of our world, the financial industry is at tipping point of biggest transformation. This segment provides a huge opportunity to... more>>
Mobility is Taking CRM to the Next Level
According to the Internet and Mobile Association of India, the internet usage on mobiles is pegged to reach 185 million by June 2014. This accounts for 76 percent of the internet user base in the country, thereby making India the... more>>
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