Enterprise View Point

by- Pavan Kumar Malladi, -CIO & Director-IT, , Dhiraagu
Lost in translation: Is it communication skills of CIO or competence mix in executive teams that is the... more>>
by-Dr. Ashish Bharadwaj, -CIO, , Laureate Education India
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in 2002, began offering all of its undergraduate courses... more>>
IoT Playing its Part in Make in India
We have come a long way in the industrial revolu­tion from steam engine, the conveyor belt, and the first phase of IT to the Internet of Things (IoT) induced... more>>
Rise Above Security Apprehesions to Harness Cloud Completely
The IT sector is undergoing change, a positive one in the form of Cloud, looking for maximum performance with minimal effort. Virtualization and Cloud though two different... more>>
Grow Your Competitive Advantage through Data Protection
Big Data can create spectacular results. Retailers are using towerful technology to understand their customers more deeply and to grow their competitive advantage by... more>>
The Rise of Data in The Infrastructure Sector
Though the consumer and retail sectors often garner headlines for their innovative uses of “Big Data” and new mobile applications that rely on cloud technology to bring people together, these same technologies are... more>>
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