Enterprise View Point

by-Jim Deren, -Director of IT planning, CareTech Solutions
Successful healthcare executives develop their strategic plans based on a solid understanding of the... more>>
by- Zeeshan Sheikh, -CIO, Entergy Corp.
Digital technologies are bringing dramatic changes to the utility business. Everything from customer... more>>
Digital Disruption and the Role Open Source Plays
Businesses have been and will continue to be disrupted by software agility and innovation. If you have any question, just observe the changes to the following business, Movie... more>>
CIOs Evaluation of Implementing Software Management of the Network Layer
As CIOs begin planning for future budget cycles, they must analyze their existing networks (capacity, depreciation, maintenance) against purchasing new physical equipment, as... more>>
The Shifting Role of IT
IT’s new role, at Merchants Fleet Management, is to provide enabling technology that fuels the growth of the company. Partnering with all areas of the business, executive,... more>>
Encryption - Is it enough?
CIOs and their corporations are looking for the magic bullet to protect their intellectual property and the personally identifiable information of their clients, partners and employees. Legacy security measures such as firewalls and... more>>
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