Enterprise View Point

by- Matt Meier,-VP and CIO, Whirpool Corporation
The Ball’s in Our Court! Remember the days when the primary role of the CIO was as caretaker of... more>>
by- Sunil Kumar, -CTO, Mynd Online National Exchange
We have all been given to think that IoT or Internet of Things is all about ma­chines or... more>>
Industrial IoT is Different
Déjà vu all over again We’ve seen it all before, right? Back in the early 2000s, LG introduced the Internet Digital DIOS - the world’s first... more>>
Reskilling IT with IOT, Cloud & AI
One of the most fascinating trends today is the emergence of the low-cost microcontrollers that are sufficiently powerful to connect to the internet. They are the key to... more>>
Managed Services - An Overview
Managed Services are skilled outsourcing functions that transfer, in-house functionalities to be managed by third party managed services provider (MSP). The... more>>
Use Technology to Understand Customer Better
Technology trends that will influence business I am interested to see the advances in wearable technology, the internet of things and an explosion in smart sensors and I am really excited to see how the interface and interaction... more>>
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