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With technology jargon constantly changing, business professionals around the world are struggling to gain a proper understanding of the ... Read More
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Acumatica announced Acumatica 2017 R2, complete with upgrades to help drive fast-growth companies forward in a wide range of sectors and ... Read More
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By Terri Hiskey, Vice President, Portfolio Marketing–Manufacturing, Epicor Software, ,
Is Your ERP Ready for the IIOT Challenge?
For many industrial companies in India, the digitisation of all areas of the supply chain is becoming pervasive. Industrial leaders are investing heavily in digitising essential processes to drive operational efficiencies, boost revenue and create competitive advantage, and with the emergence of more and more Industry 4.0 technologies, thi ... Read More
By Derrick A Butts, CIO, Truth Initiative, ,
 Cloud Services Supporting IT Goals
It is important to understand how cloud services can support IT performance goals and how end-users, both on staff and in the industry, will embrace the transition. A key to success is building consensus with senior leadership about how to bolster secure access to corporate information while increasing operational efficiency and productivi ... Read More
By Warren Neuburger,, CIO and EVP,, PGi
The Future of IT Belongs to the Customer
If there’s one truth, I’ve experienced working in technology, it’s that IT has to have the ability to constantly reinvent itself. The most common perception of IT as the people in the back room that make all the invisible systems work, fixing your laptop or resetting your password, is ultimately not enough. The traditiona ... Read More
By Mehmood Mansoori, Member of Executive Management & Group Head Operations, IT, Marketing & Online Business
Disruptive Technologies - Creating New Customer...
Today's generation does not require any training to experience and interact with a software application. Customer may wait at a food joint to pick-up the food that was ordered online to exploit amazing offers, has somewhat become a common phenomenon now. This has drastically raised the expectation of the customer and shifted the commun ... Read More
By John McEleney, CEO & Cofounder, Onshape
Disruptive Technologies - Creating New Customer...
Full-cloud CAD gives companies the power and flexibility to design anywhere, anytime on any device – without the hassles of restrictive licenses. Requiring zero IT support (no downloads or installs), a design team of 20 people can be ready to go within minutes by signing up in their browsers. Onshape can now be used as a company&rsqu ... Read More
By Ramesh Mamgain, Area Vice President, Commvault
Build an Effective Data Strategy for Cloud and Mobility
In a world that is increasingly driven by cloud and mobile forces, organizations need to reassess their data management strategies.  The powerful forces of cloud and mobility have caused a major shift in information management strategies for organizations across the globe. CIOs and IT managers are looking for effective ways to realig ... Read More