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Fiorano improves reach, 3i Infotech intensifies ability to drive scale and efficiency up Read More
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A layered approach providing a 360-degree monitoring of network traffic to improve protection Read More
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Current Issue
By Vishal Dhupar, Managing Director, NVIDIA - South Asia
Demystifying Virtualization for Enterprises
It is no secret that the business benefits of Virtualization changing the game for enterprise IT. Companies are moving to virtual, cloud computing and hybrid systems to improve productivity and simplify processes. Flexible working, improved information security, streamlined collaboration, and any app on any device, anywhere - the numerous ... Read More
By Murali Ramalingam, Country Manager, India, Ixia
Virtualization: A Smooth Transition to Cloud Services
Post haste growth of data and need of enterprises for faster testing speed has rung an awakening bell for all the test vendors in the market to develop methods to counter these issues. For this, enterprises must make their proven, massive-scale, hardware-based test systems enterprise-ready. This means affordable, enterprise-wide, easy-to- ... Read More
By Zeeshan Sheikh, CIO, Entergy Corp.
CIOs must Ensure Systems are Dynamic, Accessible and...
Digital technologies are bringing dramatic changes to the utility business. Everything from customer expectations to how we operate the grid to how we communicate with employees is being transformed. For instance, the digital grid is starting to emerge in a big way.  New technologies will help utilities optimize and manage commercial ... Read More
By Kenneth Owens, CTO-Intercloud Services, Cisco
Digital Disruption and the Role Open Source Plays
Businesses have been and will continue to be disrupted by software agility and innovation. If you have any question, just observe the changes to the following business, Movie Rental Companies (Netflix), Taxi Companies (Uber), and Retail Companies (Amazon) to just name a few areas (companies that disrupted an industry with Software). Digita ... Read More
By Phil Jordan, CIO, Telefonica
Digital Disruption and the Role Open Source Plays
Technology trends that will influence business I am interested to see the advances in wearable technology, the internet of things and an explosion in smart sensors and I am really excited to see how the interface and interaction with smart devices will change with voice, touch and gesture etc. Technology challenges in meeting Enterpr ... Read More
By Jim Deren, Director of IT planning, CareTech Solutions
IT Moves to the C-Suite
Successful healthcare executives develop their strategic plans based on a solid understanding of the business and clinical and regulatory drivers that will allow the organization to achieve success. What has changed is that every aspect of strategic and business planning is now interdependent on effectively utilizing technology to accompli ... Read More