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Smart Cities Creating New Business Opportunities in Infrastructure Development in India. Read More
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Current Issue
By Makarand Joshi Area Vice President and Country Head
2018 - Bringing future of work to life
Organisations' reliance on technology has never been as pronounced as it is today. The last few years have been crucial for technology adoption and evaluation in India. On one hand we saw the emergence of digital native, cloud first start-ups eager to disrupt established business process, and on the other we saw traditional b ... Read More
By Jai Ganesh, Vice President & Head Mphasis NEXT Labs
Top Trends in Cognitive by Mphasis
Smart environments with Pervasive Human and Machine Networks As more devices are getting linked to the internet, connectivity is growing exponentially and getting extended to appliances such as televisions, home appliances, cards etc. For the various connected Internet of things to work, they need to have common language for interaction ... Read More
By Somak Shome, AVP - IT & Information Security Officer, Srei Infrastructure Finance
 Need For Unified Management Layers For All Endpoint...
Business demand is driving IT to roll out mobility for the salesforce, collection team, senior executives and others. So while the company is equipping them with mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, IT is asked to provide a secure solution for accessing corporate resources through these devices. At this juncture, the classical M ... Read More
By Vasudha Neel Mani, Director & Principal, Ardee Schools
Technology in Education - Is it a boon or curse?
"Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is most important.” - Bill Gates In today’s world we cannot live without technology. Motivating teachers and making them use the best of it is a major task. We are living in a world where there are advancements happenin ... Read More
By Sreeram Iyer, Chief Operating Officer, Institutional Banking, ANZ Banking Group
Technology in Education - Is it a boon or curse?
In the boarder banking context, recent mind-boggling advancements in Technology have been hugely impressive. However, on the flip side, has been a reduction in profitability of banks, with the Asian banks’ average Return on Equity trailing that all other regions except for Europe as of 2016. Facing a persistent margin compression cha ... Read More
By Sayed Peerzade, Group CIO,
How Reliance Entertainment leverages SMAC and ERP-SAP
Digital initiatives are must of all the business post emergence of Internet and social media. Being in the middle of Digital business, and carrying well-established brands in Digital space, there was a need to consolidate all entities of Entertainment group that are in Digital space. The SMAC stack which is very popular term in market now, ... Read More