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Infor Supports EKZ Renewables with Expansion Read More
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For ten years, Greenlight Planet has been focused on developing affordable and durable solar powered lighting solutions for under-el ... Read More
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Current Issue
By Dawn Roth Lindell, CIO, Western Area Power Administration
New Defensive Measures against Hackers
I am often asked how my role as CIO has changed over the past few years with rapidly evolving technology advances, increasing regulation and the constant need for new and better information sharing. As CIO, I have moved from a focus on wires, hardware and software to a focus on driving strategy and creating the future. A big part of my rol ... Read More
By Subodh Kumar, Head of Technology, Magicbricks
 The Modern Day Entrepreneurial Security
Right from an individual to an indus­try, the advent of digitization has disrupted the way we live. A chan­nel, nowadays, experiences more cash flow, every time a newly ad­vanced technology transforms into a mainstream medium for any given commerce and financial service. The resultant increase in flow of critical mass brings al ... Read More
By Aakrit Vaish Founder & CEO, Haptik Inc
 Predictions 2018: Areas in Which AI and Machine...
Artificial Intelligence has been the buzzword in 2017, being at the forefront of scientific and busi­ness news the world over. Iconic names such as Stephen Hawking, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos have constantly been engaging in discussions, introducing new concepts and con­ducting trialruns of offerings with AI and mach ... Read More
By Suresh Kumar Guntuka, Vice President & Head - Global IT Operations, CSS Corp Pvt Ltd
 Enterprise Information Security
In current technology driven world, Information Security for any Enterprise is becom­ing a huge challenge as in recent past cyber-attacks/Ransomware outbreaks like WannaCry, Petya etc which created huge loss to enterprise communities. Though enterprises have their own set of controls to overcome these attacks, in my view following a ... Read More
By Rob Lloyd, CIO, City of Avondale and Frank Grimmelmann, President & CEO, Arizona Cyber Threat Respon
 Enterprise Information Security
Big Data can create spectacular results. Retailers are using towerful technology to understand their customers more deeply and to grow their competitive advantage by manipulating information in new ways. Industrial enterprises are using it to streamline processes and logistics. Political candidates are using it to prioritize talking points ... Read More