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Company recognized for innovative technology advancements as part of its continual investment in growth including the opening of the Epi ... Read More
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Tech Mahindra and Intel partner to accelerate 5G Network Rollout Read More
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Current Issue
By Neilmani Sahu, Head - IT, Staples India
Time to Stay Ahead of the Risk
Let me narrate a story of how our life has become nowadays. One fine Monday morning, when the organisation is about to start the day, an alert message on the database from a ransom-ware demand­ing money to decrypt, sits on one of the critical applications. The system would not start and the orders won’t get generated, customers n ... Read More
By Manish Sinha, Head-IT, Vectus Industries Ltd
Awareness is the Key
The heavy reliance on IT has created a need to organize, store and maintain both data and workflows to execute and manage risk and compliance activity across the enterprise. To avoid redundancy, organizations should form a core team on which they could rely and that would be associated with organization till desired road map is achieved as ... Read More
By Uttam Kumar, Head - IT, Aircel
Your password is obsolete now
This new world of smart devices and "Internet of Things" is a far cry from the past where anti-virus applications were the only way to keep hackers out. Now, such software is child's play for those eager to get hold of information. IOT will make systems more intelligent, programmed and everything that is intelligent will be personal ... Read More
By Walter Banks, CIO, Gainesville Regional Utilities
Virtualization: The Road to Productivity and...
The fast-paced and ever-changing landscape of today’s tech-driven world demands more accessibility to data from remote locations. The question is how does IT meet that demand while simultaneously providing secure and efficient service environments? The bottom-line is if the user experience isn’t easy to navigate, it’s use ... Read More
By Sven Gerjets, Former CIO, Time Warner Cable
Virtualization: The Road to Productivity and...
Recently I have been advising a startup called Quantum Metric on their go to market strategy. Their product allows companies to quickly identify revenue impacting issues on their website through predictive analytics and creates the ability to play back user sessions for rapid troubleshooting. This opportunity has forced me to really think ... Read More
By William McLemore, CIO, Landmark Aviation
Hidden Costs of Hypervisors
The promise of cost reductions and economies of scale achieved through virtualization has lured many technology leaders into a morass before charting a path forward on solid grounds. Indeed, virtualization is a great tool to tame the ever present pressure of expectations to do more with less. Unfortunately, attempting to virtualize ever ... Read More