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SAP SE and Qualtrics have recently announced Qualtrics XM for Suppliers, a new solution that empowers organizations to identify key ... Read More
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L&T Technology Services Limited, a leading global pure-play engineering services company, has recently announced that it has been evalua ... Read More
Current Issue

Current Issue
By Sven Gerjets, Former CIO, Time Warner Cable
 Why is Digital Customer Experience Truly Different
Recently I have been advising a startup called Quantum Metric on their go to market strategy. Their product allows companies to quickly identify revenue impacting issues on their website through predictive analytics and creates the ability to play back user sessions for rapid troubleshooting. This opportunity has forced me to really think ... Read More
By Rajesh Rege, MD, Red Hat India
Streamline Big Data and BI to Expedite Business...
While many organizations are devoting resources to tap data both off and online, big data alone will not enable a company to transform itself. To be able to gather and assimilate data is the beginning of a bigger journey. Analyzing that data and making meaningful business decisions based upon it, should ultimately be the business objectiv ... Read More
By Mrutyunjay Mahapatra, CIO & Dy Managing Director, SBI
 Implementing DevOps in Banks as the First Step to...
Growth riding on technology, Business outcomes, Quicker time to market, Data and insights-driven strategy are some of the prominent buzzwords in the Gartner’s 2017 CIO survey. 'Digital-at-the-core’ philosophy is leading the transformation of technology from a business enabler to a business driver. As IT becomes an integral par ... Read More
By Abhijit Sarkar, Vice President & Country Head-Corporate Real Estate, Administration & Facility, Shar
Role of ERP in transforming Real-Time Analytics
ERP is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning, but even its full name doesn't shed much light on what ERP is or what it does. For that, you need to take a step back and think about all of the various processes that are essential to running a business, including inventory and order management, accounting, human resources, customer ... Read More
By Sathiya Narayanan, Senior Consulting Manager, Wipro
Role of ERP in transforming Real-Time Analytics
Recent studies and trends indicates “Digital Assurance” will top software testing trends in coming years. As per latest reports, 30 - 35% of the QA and Testing Budget for new development is spent on customer channel solutions. Digital transformation will continue to drive IT strategy which has direct impacts on QA and testing ... Read More
By Deepak Panda, Head IT, Century Plyboards (I) Limited
Sky Rocketing Expectations from Mobile Apps
With the passage of time, the demand for mobile apps has been growing exponentially. As per survey, by the end of 2019, the number of mobile users will reach 3 billion. In future, there would be a rapid demand for mobile apps not only for enterprise segment but also for the private and domestic segment. Therefore, a lot of opportunities ... Read More