e business environment around us is changing rapidly and the growing population of millennials and Gen Z are forcing organizations embra ... Read More
A single user may be logged on through multiple devices: a phone, a tablet, and a laptop. There could also be myriads of devices on the ... Read More
Current Issue

Current Issue
Combining Technologies With The Internet Of Everything
Challenges in technology to meet needs of the utility sector Meeting the demand for mobile applications is one of our biggest challenges. We currently have many City mobile applications available to citizens, and more on the way. We’re looking at ways to streamline the mobile experience for our citizens as they engage with our "vi ... Read More
The Changing Business through Digital Transformation...
We will see conquering disruption through Digital Transformation, and we are seeing it already now. As growing digitization and evolving consumer demand rapidly change the marketplace, executives must find new ways to innovate for business advantage. By embracing digital transformation— the use of new technologies like cloud, mobile, ... Read More
 Maintaining Profitable Customer Relationships
It is a well established fact that retaining existing customers costs less and is far more profitable than acquiring new customers. In fact, it's been more than a decade since Bain & Co. revealed that increasing your customer retention rate by 5 percent increases profits by 25 percent to 95 percent. The irony is that while this is ... Read More
Rationalizing Big Data
Big Data will re-define the future businesses and help draw insights with refined business processes, decision making and solutions. Irrespective of the scale of business, data collection, analysis, and interpretation, big data will provide strategic edge in analysing and understanding the market dynamics and allowing management to chann ... Read More
Rationalizing Big Data
mHealth is a growing global market and the same trend is visible in India. A study by PwC projects the market to be around $0.6 Billion in India and $23 Billion globally by 2017. While India’s share seems relatively small, the growth trajectory is very promising. mHealth has evolved in the past 2-3 years in India. For one India is ... Read More
 TOP 5 Omni-channel Retail Trends in India
Omni-channel is the new buzzword in the retail world - like ecommerce was a few years ago, and to a certain extent, Big Data was maybe a year ago. While ecommerce has already demonstrated its might, Big Data is starting to catch up; Omni-channel remains largely uncomprehended by the retail industry in India. Having said that, it's li ... Read More