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By rohanat
ERP systems have been an essential part of modern-day business. With the technologies changing ERP systems are also going through rapid ... Read More
By rohanat
The advent of technology and the innovations happening in this new and ongoing digital age has been helping businesses to operate in a m ... Read More
Current Issue

Current Issue
By Pradeep Agarwal, Senior Director, ERP Cloud, Oracle India
Oracle - Technology Solutions and CXO Functioning
Several companies are using Oracle to provide cloud related solutions. Many of them are availing the offers made by Oracle for adaptive intelligent applications coming in the Oracle Cloud Suite package. This includes Enterprise Resource Planning, Human Capital Management, Marketing, Sales and Supply Chain Management. Oracle Enterprise Reso ... Read More
By Vamsi Krishna Ithamraju, Group IT Head, CreditAccess Asia
 When Technology Meets the World of Financial Inclusion
The focus on achieving “IDENTITY-VERIFIED CLEINT ACQUISITION FOLLWED BY A REAL-TIME CHECK ON CREDIT WORTHINESS AND IN­STANT CASHLESS LOAN DISBUR­SAL” has been increasingly growing in general across the ASEAN region and some of our South-Asian counter parts where the socio-technological ecosystem is very different from I ... Read More
By Jacob Peter, Head IT, Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions
Digital Transformation In Manufacturing
Digitization – A force that is pervasive and has integrated into all walks of our daily life is also set to disrupt enterprises, including the classical manufacturing value chain. With customer centric design, shrinking cycle times becoming an implicit expectation, manufacturing will have to adopt new technologies to be able to ... Read More
By Suresh Acharya, VP Product Development, JDA Software
 Visualize the Correlation of Variety of Big Data
Big data analytics can be applied in supply chain to derive tangible benefits but sometimes what becomes prohibitive is our perception of data. Data is not quite what most of us think it is. Data is the fuel to the models and whether or not it will show something which we want to see is the issue. Big data is bound ... Read More
By P. Ravishankar, EVP : Sales - Marketing - Aftermarket, Volvo Eicher
 Visualize the Correlation of Variety of Big Data
Telematics, a combination of Telecommunication + Informatics, is gaining attention in the Indian Automotive industry. In developed economies, vehicle telematics has already revolutionized the fleet transport scenario. In India too, it has vast potential to provide tangible benefits to CV users in operational economics. As the trends indica ... Read More
By Kunal Mehta, Head- IT, Trent Hypermarket Ltd, A TATA and TESCO Enterprise
Emerging Multi channel Customer Experiences in...
In the good old days, the retail experience was purely brick & mortar. The shopping experience was uni-channel and there were no other touch points with a retailer except visiting the retail store. However, in the last few years, online retail has started growing at a fast pace providing a comfort and convenience that it is making i ... Read More