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Company recognized for innovative technology advancements as part of its continual investment in growth including the opening of the Epi ... Read More
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Tech Mahindra and Intel partner to accelerate 5G Network Rollout Read More
Current Issue

Current Issue
By Chris Laping, CIO, Red Robin Gourmet Burgers
Changes in Technology are Crucial for an Organization
Being a part of the industry for several years, I have observed many changes, especially coming to the emergence of new technologies, such as cloud. The present scenario has made it necessary to perform in a defined and structured manner, and I have to spend considerable time for enabling such a defined infrastructure. Also, we cannot igno ... Read More
By Ken Kauppila,CIO, Merchants Fleet Management
The Shifting Role of IT
IT’s new role, at Merchants Fleet Management, is to provide enabling technology that fuels the growth of the company. Partnering with all areas of the business, executive, and ownership, IT has moved from a passive, backroom function to a proactive force, a business partner, and a strategic enabler. "The next step in the IT tran ... Read More
By Sanjay Katkar, CTO, Quick Heal
Sandbox Gateway Appliances - Advanced Breed of...
Over the past few years, spear phishing attacks via highly targeted messages have been the primary vector of successful data breaches. More than 90% of successful attacks on enterprise networks are the result of spear phishing methods. This has led to the rise of a new breed of security solutions- Sandbox-Based Gateway Appliances. This sol ... Read More
By Kenneth Owens, CTO-Intercloud Services, Cisco
Digital Disruption and the Role Open Source Plays
Businesses have been and will continue to be disrupted by software agility and innovation. If you have any question, just observe the changes to the following business, Movie Rental Companies (Netflix), Taxi Companies (Uber), and Retail Companies (Amazon) to just name a few areas (companies that disrupted an industry with Software). Digita ... Read More
By William McLemore, CIO, Landmark Aviation
Digital Disruption and the Role Open Source Plays
The promise of cost reductions and economies of scale achieved through virtualization has lured many technology leaders into a morass before charting a path forward on solid grounds. Indeed, virtualization is a great tool to tame the ever present pressure of expectations to do more with less. Unfortunately, attempting to virtualize ever ... Read More