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By Renu Rajani, Vice President, Capgemini
State of Digital Transformation: Opportunities and...
You are in the final phase of your early morning dream and the alarm goes off at 6AM. Suddenly you remember that you forgot to buy milk yesterday and since you have an early morning meeting, it seems that you have to start your day without your cup of steaming coffee. Fortunately your refrigerator has already ordered milk based on your reg ... Read More
By Sahil Chopra,CEO and Founder, iCubesWire
Metrics to Measure the Success of Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing has driven a lot of attention of marketers and advertisers. It’s new and completely non-intrusive as it’s all about influencing instead of tempting or forcing. An influencer marketing campaign encompasses finding and sealing the deal with an influencer, developing content for the brand and finally ... Read More
By Jasmine Gorimar, Head of IT- Information Protection and Security, Boehringer Ingelheim India
Managing Human Dimensions of Organizational Digital...
Organisational Digital Transformation involves business activities, processes, competencies and model transformations that have a fundamental objective to leverage opportunities of new and emerging digital landscape to be able to harvest their impact in a strategic and prioritized way.  Most businesses are themselves realigning the ... Read More
By Tabish Sangrar, CIO, Wellness Forever Medicare Private Limited
Digital Transformation - Go Digital or Go Bust
Technological advances made over the last decade have been so rapid and significant that the resultant growth is equivalent to 2000 years of progress! Scientist and Futurist Kurzweil explain this poetically in his Law of Accelerating Returns. The supersonic pace at which the technology landscape is changing has given rise to myriad pro ... Read More
By Masha Sedova, Senior Director of Trust Engagement, Salesforce
Digital Transformation - Go Digital or Go Bust
Ask a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) about their employees’ security habits and a typical answer follows: “I want people to make less security mistakes.” In reality, this is just as much a description of security habits as it is of culture–a set of behaviors that people regularly perform. The keyword t ... Read More
By Ronald N Sarian, VP and General Counsel, eHarmony
So What Does General Counsel Have to Do with...
eHarmony is big data.  We currently have approximately 60 million registrants, each of whom has completed our Relationship Questionnaire (RQ) that contains upwards of 150 questions specifically tailored by psychologists to elicit our proprietary 29 Dimensions of Compatibility. This primary data is used to create what we believe to be ... Read More