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ERP refers to the systems and software packages used by organizations to manage day-to-day business activities, such as accounting, proc ... Read More
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Acumatica announced Acumatica 2017 R2, complete with upgrades to help drive fast-growth companies forward in a wide range of sectors and ... Read More
Current Issue

Current Issue
By Lisa Knutson, Chief Administrative Officer, The E.W. Scripps Company
The HR Transformation
Like many publicly traded companies—and especially those in the constantly evolving field of media—The E.W. Scripps Company has faced its share of challenges and changes in recent years. “We wanted to enable all HR processes to happen digitally, to make all benefits, payroll and talent management processes self-service ... Read More
By Warren Neuburger,CIO and EVP, PGi
The Future of IT Belongs to the Customer
If there’s one truth, I’ve experienced working in technology, it’s that IT has to have the ability to constantly reinvent itself. The most common perception of IT as the people in the back room that make all the invisible systems work, fixing your laptop or resetting your password, is ultimately not enough. The traditiona ... Read More
By Girish Mehta, CEO, MedGenome
Aadhaar can become an effective healthcare tool
Aadhaar, which started as an identity proof has grown like a banyan tree covering welfare schemes, subsidies, scholarships, LPG, banking system, IT returns, and financial systems.o It was conceptualized with the aim to give a unique identity to each Indian with the aim to make it a single platform to cover all government transactions of ... Read More
By Rajiv Srivastava, MD, HP
Digital Transformation: Making Impact on Business...
Welcome to the digital revolution that is now literally transforming every aspect of our lives at home and in business. Innovation in technology has been a great enabler and we look at digital delivery of products and services to match with the pace of our lives. Technology has blurred the distinction between our work life and our per ... Read More
By Ruby Zefo, VP, Law and Policy Group, Intel Corporation
Digital Transformation: Making Impact on Business...
When I first started working as a grown up, PCs were brand new. I shared one with my office neighbor, mostly for word processing, creating spreadsheets, and creating presentations – which I would then take on a floppy disk to a plotter, a device where clear slides called transparencies were eked out page by page, color by color, as I ... Read More
By Vijay Bhat, CIO , Metenere Group
 Advantages and Limitations of Mobile ERP
Today most of the business leaders especially CIO’s prefer to have an integrated ERP system to cater all organizational needs to have seamless and more stable business processes. CIOs prefer to have all business processes mapped on a best approach that uses multiple tailored solutions. Mobile Strategies are beginning to take form all ... Read More