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By ERP Insights Team
Networking giant Cisco has announced that the significant new innovations across its meeting and collaboration platform Webex, the indus ... Read More
By Nilesh Gupta
We had a lot to learn around us from last two years. We became even more close to our family and friends, celebrated new heroes outside ... Read More
Current Issue

Current Issue
By ERP Insights Team
RBEI renewed their name to Bosch Global Software...
Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Limited (RBEI) has announced a change in the company name to Bosch Global Software Technologies Private Limited (BGSW). The new name is effective from January 3rd 2022.... Read More
By Neelesh Kripalani, CTO, Clover Infotech
The Top Insurtech Trends in 2022
With the insurance industry innovating and transforming faster than ever, market leaders as well as new entrants are looking for new avenues to enhance their customer footprints. Many industry players have turned to technology to streamline th.. Read More
By P. Ravishankar, EVP : Sales - Marketing - Aftermarket, Volvo Eicher
Vehicle Telematics - Mobility Towards the Future
Telematics, a combination of Telecommunication + Informatics, is gaining attention in the Indian Automotive industry. In developed economies, vehicle telematics has already revolutionized the fleet transport scenario. In India too, it has vast potential to provide tangible benefits to CV users in operational economics. As the trends indica ... Read More
By Vatsal Juvariwala, Vice President - Global Sales (SaaS), Campusknot Inc
Product Adoption Challenges of University Saas...
People will not use what they don't know how to use. People will not figure out how to use it if they cannot find the right information instantly. People who don't use the SaaS application (or large features/ modules of it) will not renew the contract, and most certainly will not expand their subscription to cover more users. Colle ... Read More
By Deepak Ghodke, Senior Director-Strategic Sales, Tableau India
Product Adoption Challenges of University Saas...
In 2016, self-service analytics took over the enterprise. IT began leveraging technologies to scale analytics programs as business users collaborated with their data. IT and the business partnered to maximize the impact of their data. In 2017, this culture of self-service analytics will continue to spread and become a workplace norm. ... Read More
By Jim Deren, Director of IT planning, CareTech Solutions
IT Moves to the C-Suite
Successful healthcare executives develop their strategic plans based on a solid understanding of the business and clinical and regulatory drivers that will allow the organization to achieve success. What has changed is that every aspect of strategic and business planning is now interdependent on effectively utilizing technology to accompli ... Read More