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All-in-one advanced endpoint security solution automates detection & response, delivers insight for stretched IT and security teams Read More
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Microsoft and Frost & Sullivan Study also reveals that Cybersecurity attacks have led to job losses in more than three in five organizat ... Read More
Current Issue

Current Issue
By Manish Amin, Co-Founder and CIO,
Rise of Cloud Consultants
The global market is flourishing today driven by several factors high demand in emerging economies, government infrastructure development, evolving supply chains and adoption of cloud technology by Enterprises. Marketers are presented with challenges of defining and executing creative strategies, while simultaneously managing financial ... Read More
By Pramod Kulkarni, VP IT, The Ambassador Group of Hotels
How to Set Up Guest Internet Access for Guest...
CIO’s critical role is to choose right technology, at right price at right situation to ensure ROI to the Organization with long term Growth aspect in strategic investment. Keeping an eye on bottom-line with futuristic view and prioritizing your need to fit in to IT Budget is essential. Technology use in Hospitality sector, as a s ... Read More
By Ivan Imana, CIO, Adelman Travel
Delivering Services through Reduced Labor And...
Addressing a Diverse Audience through Technology Solutions The biggest technology challenge in our industry is ensuring that the solutions presented are accepted by the millennials and future generations who have never experienced a world without internet or immediate feedback and have always had answers at their fingertips. It is not e ... Read More
By Kenneth Owens, CTO-Intercloud Services, Cisco
Digital Disruption and the Role Open Source Plays
Businesses have been and will continue to be disrupted by software agility and innovation. If you have any question, just observe the changes to the following business, Movie Rental Companies (Netflix), Taxi Companies (Uber), and Retail Companies (Amazon) to just name a few areas (companies that disrupted an industry with Software). Digita ... Read More
By William McLemore, CIO, Landmark Aviation
Digital Disruption and the Role Open Source Plays
The promise of cost reductions and economies of scale achieved through virtualization has lured many technology leaders into a morass before charting a path forward on solid grounds. Indeed, virtualization is a great tool to tame the ever present pressure of expectations to do more with less. Unfortunately, attempting to virtualize ever ... Read More