Fortinet’s Security Fabric has delivered on this technology vision with a complete rethinking of security for customers to implement m ... Read More
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Current Issue

Current Issue
Industry Trends in Open Sourced Hardware
Cloud computing is rapidly transforming the IT industry, and has gained significant momentum over the past few years across both consumer and business segments. Enterprises are accelerating their investments in migrating application infrastructure from discrete environments to services-based delivery model using IaaS/PaaS/SaaS paradigms. W ... Read More
Datacenters can Aid IT Chargeback by Adopting BCM...
IT Costs: An Indecipherable Black box? For long IT expenses have been a big chunk of an organization’s budget and are first in the line of fire at the time of any financial eventuality. CIOs have always had to justify and rationalize both their capex and opex, while in actual terms the infrastructure they build and maintain serves v ... Read More
Smart Devices and the IoT Revolution
Smart devices are an essential part of the IoT revolution. The number of devices, their versatility in IO, built in intelligence and diversity is ever increasing. Such smart devices entail that the test and measurement systems also become smarter, faster and flexible. Traditional approach to automated test & measurements may not be ade ... Read More
The Ever-Changing Role of CIOs
Over the years, we have witnessed a massive change pertaining to the role of CIOs depending on the organization, the industry, the business strategies, the prevailing market conditions, and the financial climate in terms of business value. How would you describe your own role as CIO has changed in the past couple of years? During my hal ... Read More
The Ever-Changing Role of CIOs
Big data analytics can be applied in supply chain to derive tangible benefits but sometimes what becomes prohibitive is our perception of data. Data is not quite what most of us think it is. Data is the fuel to the models and whether or not it will show something which we want to see is the issue. Big data is bound to become more and more ... Read More
Encryption - Is it enough?
CIOs and their corporations are looking for the magic bullet to protect their intellectual property and the personally identifiable information of their clients, partners and employees. Legacy security measures such as firewalls and antivirus provide little protection from hackers and malicious users breaching the enterprise environment an ... Read More