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By the-ERPInsights Team
Microsoft reiterates its AI vision of empowerment for every developer to innovate, every organization to redefine industries and eve ... Read More
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To set up five more offices in Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi & Pune in next 24 months and present in at least 200 institutions Read More
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Current Issue
By Shubhendu Dutta, Director- IT, MTS Sistema Shyam Teleservices Ltd
CIOs Role in Deriving Optimal Value through Business...
As the pace of digitization has increased, the organisations are inundated with data that is proving to be a potential asset for them. According to Frost and Sullivan study, almost 90 percent of the data in the world has been generated in last two years. This huge data set is of no use if it is not properly harnessed to derive a meaningful ... Read More
By Jayantha Prabhu, CTO, Essar group
Digitization - Dont lead but transform
Trust that’s what Digitization can do to an Enterprise!! Most of the manufacturing companies make the mistake of believing that new digital technologies are best suited to consumer-oriented companies. But thinking that way is fast becoming a losing proposition. From essential needs such as accurate, resilient supply chains to enha ... Read More
By Deepak Ghodke, Senior Director-Strategic Sales, Tableau India
Factors Accounting for the Evolution of BI
In 2016, self-service analytics took over the enterprise. IT began leveraging technologies to scale analytics programs as business users collaborated with their data. IT and the business partnered to maximize the impact of their data. In 2017, this culture of self-service analytics will continue to spread and become a workplace norm. ... Read More
By Bhanu Chopra, CEO & Founder, RateGain
Business Intelligence Diffusing in the Hospitality...
Since the beginning of time, the global hospitality industry has been driven primarily by customer loyalty. Even today, experience, service, and price continue to be the three primary factors on the basis of which a guest chooses to stay at a hotel. In order to attract more and more guests, hotel have begun to utilize Big Data to their adv ... Read More
By Jayesh Shah, EVP & Head - Technology Initiatives, DHFL Financial Services Group
Business Intelligence Diffusing in the Hospitality...
  Big Data, Petabytes, Exabytes, IoT, NoSQL, Hadoop, Mongodb; one could go on and one. It is as if a new term is spawned and added every day to tech jargon. So before we get to the subject, let’s define the terms Big Data and NoSQL which are of particular interest to us today. According to TechTarget, Big Data is an evolvi ... Read More