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Adobe Launches New Services In Adobe Analytics For Brands

Wednesday, 15 June 2022, 04:24 Hrs

Adobe is introducing new services in Adobe Analytics in order to help brands unify data and insights across all media types, including the metaverse as well as streaming media.

Amit Ahuja, senior vice president, Adobe Experience Cloud platform and products, Adobe says delivering personalized customer experience is a top priority for businesses in every industry and the key to make it happen is by connecting real-time insights across all aspects of the customer journey.

“With support for metaverse and streaming media channels, Adobe Analytics continues to lead the industry as the only true omnichannel analytics solution for customer engagement”, he adds.

The digital economy in India is expected to be $ 800 billion dollar market by 2030, creating massive opportunity for brands to deliver customer experiences that are engaging and highly personalized, according to Vyshak Venugopalan, head of solution consulting, Adobe India.

Adobe Analytics claims to be supporting data from emerging channels, including voice assistants and connecting car and is previewing support for metaverse analytics, since more brands are observed to embrace immersive and 3D experiences.

According to the company, in the metaverse, brands will be able to measure and analyze specific events, such as the volume of engagement with 3D objects and immersive experiences, as well as collecting interactions across multiple metaverses. This data can then be combined with insights across other channels like the website or mobile app, to understand changing consumer preferences.

Streaming is said to be the main investment for the entertainment industry, sectors such as retail and banking continue to prioritize video and audio content.

However, Adobe is introducing new capabilities for brands to understand how streaming fits into the overall customer journey.

"Through Customer Journey Analytics (CJA), teams can tie digital media consumption to engagement on other channels like social media, websites and offline channels. A retailer, for instance, can see the types of content that drive social engagement and/or in-store activity, to deliver personalization and drive retention efforts," the company states.

It said that with global brands adopting Adobe Analytics, it also introduced a new service to seamlessly transition data from other analytics products while preserving historical compliance with regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

“It sets the stage for growing mediums like streaming media and metaverse, environments where deep insights will be critical for brands to understand new customer behaviors and build lifetime value,” Venugopalan adds.