Keeping a fire blanket on hand is very beneficial – especially in workplaces where the risk of...more>>
The human resource management department is not exempt from the unrelenting and rapid growth and...more>>
KIA is a well-known name in the automobile sector that has made strides over the past decades. more>>
According to reports, the latest government regulations will allow large tech companies to set up parallel pan-India captive 5G networks, bypassing telecom carriers, would dampen demand for critical C-band (3.3-3.6 GHz) airwaves in the upcoming 5G... more>>
The second phase of T-Hub is all set for inauguration in Hyderabad on June 28. Spread over 370,000 square feet and designed to house more than 1,500 startups, this will be the world's largest technology startup incubator. more>>
Upon building the metaverse concept, Meta Platforms Inc, Microsoft Corporation as well as other tech giants are forming a group in order to develop industry standards to aid their nascent digital worlds compatible with each other.... more>>
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