Trend Micro's overall revenue is projected to be a significant percentage in the coming years...  more>>
A leader in hybrid cloud security, Trend Micro is able to provide protection throughout a company’s entire cloud journey, from on-premise servers, virtual servers, to cloud workloads. ...  more>>
Trend Micro Report Reveals Mounting Cloud Email Threats to Office 365 Require Second Layer of Defense ...  more>>
Wipro’s AI and Automation platform, Wipro HOLMES represents Wipro’s integrated automation capabilities across infrastructure, applications and business process services...  more>>
In today's world, almost everything is just a few clicks away from you due to the popularity of e- commerce....  more>>
The company also officially launches managed detection and response (MDR) services in India ...  more>>
Log360 UEBA Detects Insider Attacks, Anomalies with Machine Learning...  more>>
With MoEngage, companies can execute increasingly complex marketing strategies swiftly and at scale. ...  more>>
Actionable insights through innovative conversational AI based analytics features will enhance customer engagement process...  more>>
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