Oracle recently announced the availability of Oracle Analytics for Cloud HCM. Built on Oracle Analytics Cloud and powered by Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle Analytics for Cloud HCM provides HR executives, analysts...  more>>
SAP is the most prioritized ERP software implemented by more than 88,000 SMEs across the countries. Selecting the right service provider that can help a company .....  more>>
SAP SE recently announced that leading companies across the globe selected SAP Ariba and SAP Fieldglass solutions to continue their digital transformation journeys, reducing risk, managing costs .....  more>>
Though the need for preservation and distribution of goods has led to the invention of the warehousing concept, it has witnessed a lot of improvements in the past few decades....  more>>
The Covid-19 is expanding its territory throughout the world and, the most affected domain due to this pandemic outburst is healthcare. Across the countries .....  more>>
According to Statista, the total transaction amount via digital payment modes is the US $81,197m in 2020 in India. In CAGR 2020-2023, it is expected that the total transaction value ......  more>>
Blockchain as a technology is expanding and the recent developments happening in the world of technology are helping businesses in gaining potential advantages. ...  more>>
Being a revolutionary technology, Artificial Intelligence has its presence in almost every industry. Like the Healthcare industry uses Artificial Intelligence for Digital Consultation .....  more>>
Organizations operating in all the various industry verticals face risk on a daily basis. The advent of various innovations and technological advancements in the business realm .....  more>>
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