The mobile facility helps detect under performance as well as hidden defects such as micro cracks, inactive areas or hotspots in the module quickly and reliably....  more>>
Cross-Functionality in Financial Management, Key Acquisitions, and Mobile Capabilities...  more>>
Capgemini today announced that it successfully migrated Louisiana Pacific Corporation’s (LP) SAP landscape to Amazon Web Services (AWS) in less than four months. Louisiana Pacific, a leading building solutions company, expects the AWS environment...  more>>
Here at In Cloud Solutions, it became apparent some years ago that there was only one direction of travel and that was a cloud. Many small and medium-sized businesses have transformed their growth by taking advantage of speed and flexibility....  more>>
CMS Asia witnessed over 400 brand marketers trying to understand the content marketing dynamics and they emphasized the need to do more of content based marketing...  more>>
For ten years, Greenlight Planet has been focused on developing affordable and durable solar powered lighting solutions for under-electrified households and businesses around the world. ...  more>>
Improved demand accuracy is an important factor for producing the right products in the right quantities at the right time to avoid excessive stock holdin...  more>>
VertiGIS, focused on vertical GIS applications for customers across a range of geographies and industries, will leverage technology from Esri...  more>>
Infor Supports EKZ Renewables with Expansion...  more>>
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