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End-to-end Encryption Will Improve Transparency And Screening, According To Meta

Wednesday, 06 April 2022, 04:02 Hrs

Meta has decided to completely implement 34 of the 45 recommendations made by the independent organization Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) as part of its Human Rights Impact Assessment (HRIA) report on end-to-end encryption when it comes to messaging and social media platforms, ensuring that these recommendations are easy to find, and that BSR recommends that Meta continue to study client-side monitoring as a means to safeguard children's privacy in the event of an accident.Meta said in its response that any form of client-side scanning of messages without the user's permission or authority of the user or sender was fundamentally incompatible with an end-to-end encryption messaging service, as the HRIA correctly points out, and that its success is still speculative in this regard.

The purpose of the study was to identify and prioritize the impact of Meta's end-to-end encryption strategy on human rights, as well as the potential risks and opportunities associated with it.BSR was also asked to suggest an action plan that would minimize the risks and improve Meta's workforce capacity to ensure that the end-to-end encryption process was carried out in accordance with human rights.