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Fostering Cohesive Change at the Lowest Common Denominator
Change? As a former pilot, I laugh at the idea of really changing an engine in flight. It... more>>
Exploring the Potential of Blockchain through Collaboration
Everyone is experimenting with Blockchain today, but Blockchain in a silo is not a... more>>
State of Digital Transformation: Opportunities and Trends
You are in the final phase of your early morning dream and the alarm goes off at 6AM. Suddenly... more>>
Metrics to Measure the Success of Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing has driven a lot of attention of marketers and advertisers. It’s new and completely non-intrusive as it’s all about influencing instead of tempting or forcing.... more>>
by-Farhana Haque,-Vice President & Business Head- IoT, Vodafone India
Digital transformation is the catch phrase on everyone’s lips. Organisations around th... more>>
by-Bhupendra Bhate,-CDO, L&T Technology Services
Change is inevitable, rather a new constant. Organizations that are averse to change are destined... more>>
by-Nuala O Connor,-President CEO, Center for Democracy & Technology
For many fortunate Americans, cyber attacks and malicious hacking lives only in the headlines... more>>
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