ERP Insight

Planning An Effective Cloud ERP Implementation
Today, the business environment is rapidly changing, almost every Organization is moving to... more>>
Oracle - Technology Solutions and CXO Functioning
Several companies are using Oracle to provide cloud related solutions. Many of them are availing... more>>
 Digi-Data - Decoding TDM approach for Digital Assurance
Recent studies and trends indicates “Digital Assurance” will top software testing... more>>
Email Solutions: Redefining Communication and Collaboration Globally
Technology today has shifted from what it was a few years ago. Most things that are technology enabled in this present era were once pure fantasy, but as technology has evolved, many things are now... more>>
by-Suresh Acharya, - VP Product Development, JDA Software
Big data analytics can be applied in supply chain to derive tangible benefits but ... more>>
by-P. Ravishankar, -EVP : Sales - Marketing - Aftermarket, Volvo Eicher
Telematics, a combination of Telecommunication + Informatics, is gaining attention in the Indian ... more>>
by-Aakrit Vaish- Founder & CEO, Haptik Inc
Artificial Intelligence has been the buzzword in 2017, being at the forefront of scientific and b... more>>
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