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Emphasize on Big Data Visibility for Network Security
Today’s cyber-attacks and data breaches are more sophisticated than ever. Accidental data... more>>
Predictive Analytics and Big Data
As analytics becomes mainstream and more and more businesses harness its power, the maturity of... more>>
Big Data: The New, World Order
1 in 7 people on Earth used Facebook to connect with their friends and family. That’s... more>>
How to build a data-driven organization correctly?
Security is a top concern of enterprises adopting big data solutions in the Cloud. Fortunately – there has been tremendous progress amongst Cloud Providers, Open Source software and Solution... more>>
by- Sai Gundavelli, -Founder & CEO, Solix Technologies
Enterprises today face several challenges in addressing organizational data issues and conflicts ... more>>
by-Unnikrishnan Nair, -VP & Head of Information Management, Philips
Imagine a scenario where you own a car which readies itself as per your calendar schedules with c... more>>
by-Gregg Ostrowski, - VP- Global Enterprise Services, Samsung
Thanks to both increasing user demand for BYOD programs and growing confidenc... more>>
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