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Change is the Only Constant in The Cloud: How CIOs Can Innovate Their Way to Success
Few technology trends over the past few decades have had quite the impact of cloud computing. The... more>>
Putting the Voluminous Data to Best Use
Q. As companies begin to deeply explore what big data can do for them, it’s important that... more>>
Cloud Computing as a Utility
In early stages it was most prominent among the startups but now when its benefits are visible,... more>>
Three Ways to Build Business Case For Cloud Computing
French novelist Victor Hugo once famously said, “There is only one thing stronger than all the armies of the world – an idea whose time has come.” Nothing exemplifies this fact... more>>
by-Avinash Garg, - Senior Director, Cloud and Infrastructure Services, Unisys India
Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a major trend in the IT industry. It has transformed the tradition... more>>
by-Punit Thakkar, -CEO & Director, Shivaami
Technology is changing at Fast Pace Compared to the past few years, we have witnessed the adva... more>>
by-William Rau, -Senior Director- Engineering, Avalara
In July 12017, India replaced over fifteen existing indirect taxes with a single Goods and Serv... more>>
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