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Are you Positioned to fully Exploit the Potential of the Cloud?
For the past 10-15 years, we have seen a steady rise in the adoption of cloud computing in... more>>
Cloud is the Ways
How has your IT operating model in Cloud changed during the last five years?... more>>
The Evolution of Storage Era: Hybrid Cloud Object Storage
It is no secret that we are squarely in the infor­mation era, and the technologies such as... more>>
Can Cloud be the Answer to Retail woes!
Technology’s role in delivering the right shopping experience is becoming extremely significant and an imperative for retailers. Digital-savvy customers expect retailers to deliver an... more>>
by-Atul Sareen, - Vice President and Head of Cloud Sales, SAP Indian Subcontinent
• How to build out a comprehensive cloud strategy? Ex­plain how you are aligning your st... more>>
by-Pallav Nadhani,-Co-founder/ CEO, FusionCharts & Shafique Gajdhar, Inbound Marketing Specialist, FusionCharts
Traditionally, access to data and the derived insights lay in the hands of the selected few. Busi... more>>
by-Bhawna Agarwal, -CEO, Gadgets (NDTV Gadgets)
Building up a strong Digital Ecosystem has become the need of the hour for every organization irr... more>>
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