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 Brain Of A Smart City
Grant Thornton India LLP is one of the largest assurance, tax, and advisory firms in India. With... more>>
How UAVS Are Empowering Scalability In India
ideaForge, founded in 2007, is one of the pioneers in research, development, production and... more>>
 Fleet Telematics: Making Transport Smarter
The Tata Motors Group’s over 76,000 employees are guided by the mission “to innovate... more>>
 Techtonic Shifts IoT Driven 4th Industrial Revolution
In the last century, electric power brought  machines and factories to life. In this century, software is bringing machines and factories to life in  entirely  new  ways. In... more>>
by- Geena Binoy, -Vice President - Connected Enterprise IT, Tata Technologies
The manufacturing  world  is undergoing a digital disruption. The Internet  o... more>>
by-Mark Gildersleeve, -VP and head of Watson IoT and Decisions Platform, IBM
As happens with almost every major new technology platform, change happens slowly at first and th... more>>
by- Ravinder Pal Singh,Director, -Government Segment, Digital Cities & Mega Projects, Dell EMC Commercia
The new-age technologies like Internet of Things (IoT) are redefining the way busines... more>>
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