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Cloud Connected Devices - Enabling the Digital Experience
The smart-connected devices today open up numerous new services, product use cases, and even new... more>>
Change is the Only Constant in The Cloud: How CIOs Can Innovate Their Way to Success
Few technology trends over the past few decades have had quite the impact of cloud computing. The... more>>
Putting the Voluminous Data to Best Use
Q. As companies begin to deeply explore what big data can do for them, it’s important that... more>>
Cloud Computing as a Utility
In early stages it was most prominent among the startups but now when its benefits are visible, large enterprises have shown their interest and started venturing onto it. Enterprises from every... more>>
by-Nitin Mishra, -SVP & Chief Product Officer, Netmagic
French novelist Victor Hugo once famously said, “There is only one thing stronger than all ... more>>
by-Avinash Garg, - Senior Director, Cloud and Infrastructure Services, Unisys India
Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a major trend in the IT industry. It has transformed the tradition... more>>
by-Punit Thakkar, -CEO & Director, Shivaami
Technology is changing at Fast Pace Compared to the past few years, we have witnessed the adva... more>>
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