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Big Data Transforming News Media
Content will find the right user, not the other way around With smartphone becoming the most... more>>
Streamline Big Data and BI to Expedite Business Insights
While many organizations are devoting resources to tap data both off and online, big data alone... more>>
Getting Behind Hadoop and on Top of the Blurring Lines between Traditional BI and the Daunting World of Big Data
It has been more than a decade that Hadoop has been around. Yet, to most, Hadoop continues to... more>>
NoSQL Technologies in the Realm of Big Data
Big Data, Petabytes, Exabytes, IoT, NoSQL, Hadoop, Mongodb; one could go on and one. It is as if a new term is spawned and added every day to tech jargon. So before we get to the subject,... more>>
by-Vijay Srinivas Agneeswaran, -Director of Technology, SapientNitro
With a PhD in distributed computing and over 15 years of experience building software for enterpr... more>>
by-Mohita Ghosh, -Senior Manager- Advanced Analytics, Vodafone India
Technology has made it possible to track the minutest piece of information about customers and th... more>>
by-Prasad Shyam, -Vice President - Insights & Data Global Practice, Capgemini
Increased competition in digital marketplaces is putting high demand on companies to in­creas... more>>
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