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To Escape Data Chaos, Consolidate the Fragmented Storage Landscape
Data, has started to develop a life of its own, issuing burdensome demands on IT departments... more>>
Cloud Storage - Key to Digital Transformation
All of us stand witness to the accelerated pace of change in the age that is being touted as the... more>>
Put Your Storage to Work with Data Virtualization
From mobile devices, to the cloud, to the Internet of Things (IoT), new... more>>
Deriving Backup Solutions from Customized Needs
Enterprise backup technology has evolved significantly from the days of tape cartridges, robotic loaders, storage racks, and offsite vaulting services. With data deduplication, low-cost high... more>>
by- Suresh Acharya, - VP Product Development, JDA Software
Big data analytics can be applied in supply chain to derive tangible benefits but ... more>>
by- Salil Godika,- Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, Happiest Minds Technologies
The Internet of Things (IoT) is here to stay and predicted to grow into a multiple trillion oppor... more>>
by-P. Ravishankar, Volvo Eicher- EVP : Sales - Marketing - Aftermarket, Volvo Eicher
Telematics, a combination of Telecommunication + Informatics, is gaining attention in the Indian ... more>>
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