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Securing IoT-enabled automation in the enterprise IT workflow
One defining aspect of the new and evolved world is that a wealth of information will be driving... more>>
Security and Privacy: Stop Plotting Against Each Other
When I first started working as a grown up, PCs were brand new. I shared one with my office... more>>
Enterprise Security Strategies in Todays Threat Environment
Major happenings in the threat landscape Contrary to popular belief, the threats that both... more>>
Time to re-organize the Software Delivery Model
The perceived value for money spends of technology diminishes in matter of days. Buyers don’t want to stay longer with the old features and products. They are willing to pay more for the new... more>>
by-Anita Nayyar, -CEO India & South Asia, HavasMedia Group
The data we generate with our every action is growing by leaps and bounds every second. 'Data Vis... more>>
by-Ganesh Ramamoorthy, -Research Vice President, Gartner
The Internet of Things is at present con­necting enterprises to capabilities that eliminate t... more>>
by-Mohit Kapoor, -Head, DBS Asia Hub 2
"How I see the banks today is more like technology companies. Shifting from products to platforms... more>>
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