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The 101 of Cyber Security for Small Businesses
Within famous cyber attacks on larger companies getting all the media attention, smaller... more>>
Blockchain - Infinite Possibilities yet Two Choices
The blockchain is an in­dubitably intelligent invention; it is the res­olution... more>>
Artificial Intelligence enabling retailers achieve the Holy Grail of e-Commerce
Imagine a retail store which only carries items that you want - including those that you walked... more>>
Enabling an AI - Diffused Retail Sector
SMAC has revolutionized the way Retail sector operated and has changed every aspect of the business from supply chain management, warehouse & inventory management to customer interactions. In... more>>
by-Mike Worland, -Senior Manager - IT Strategy & Architecture, Dana Holding Corporation
Enterprise backup technology has evolved significantly from the days of tape cartridges, robotic ... more>>
by-Soumendra Mohanty,-Global Head of Data & Analytics , Mindtree
What we think of as “social analytics” or “social intelligence”, no doubt... more>>
by-Suvrata Acharya, -VP and Vertical Delivery Head, NIIT Technologies Limited
IT market today is looking for directions to make application development cheaper without affecti... more>>
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