ERP Insight

The New Normal: Achievable But Not Simple
We’re ten years into the “devops + microservices” era. As I’ve consulted... more>>
The Increasing Significance of Big Data and Analytics
Our data universe is expanding at a mind-blowing pace. The amount of data being generated from... more>>
Enterprise Architecture: The Bedrock for the Superstructure of Digital
As organizations embrace the digital era, IT professionals are at odds with them­selves in a... more>>
 Identity Aware Enterprise Network
Today’s enterprise is way more accommo­dating than it used to be a few years ago. Unprecedented pursuit for productivity has shaped a work culture of real time information, decimation and... more>>
by-Phil Quade, CISO, Fortinet-,
It's been famously said that there are only two types of companies: those who know they have ... more>>
by-Harold Strawbridge, -VP, Innovation and Continuous Improvement, Inglis
Making a process visible through mapping is a key to sharply focus an organization's precious... more>>
by-Jorge Frausto, SVP- Enterprise Systems, GE Power-,
Cloud Computing For the ERP Cloud computing is the future of ERP. Not only can it cut the cost... more>>
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