New AI-Powered threat hunting allows organizations to triage threat alerts by extracting more actionable intelligence...  more>>
Bolsters support for hybrid IT and multi-cloud environments....  more>>
Epicor Software Corporation drives business growth providing flexible, industry-specific software designed to fit the precise needs of manufacturing, distribution, retail, and service industry customers. ...  more>>
Adobe Sign Now Powers Majority of Fortune 100 Companies, Microsoft Partnership Expands to Include PDF Services from Adobe ...  more>>
Two-step AI-based Machine Learning Improves Attack Detection Accuracy to Create a Nearly “Set and Forget” Web Application Firewall. ...  more>>
The program focuses on delivering innovative solutions to Epicor customers tapping into the expertise of the Alliance ISV partner ecosystem ...  more>>
A voice-led omnichannel solution providing seamless Customer reach & User experience. ...  more>>
Strengthens Fortinet Security Fabric and extends segmentation and security to the edge of the enterprise network including Internet of Things (IoT) ...  more>>
A 100% risk-free solution to help enterprises automate their IT operations ...  more>>
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