Speaking about Artificial Intelligence, Kai-Fu Lee, an American computer scientist, professionally businessman and writer known for being an expert of Artificial Intelligence .....  more>>
Along the way to impactful business junctures, industries of every scale integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software to simplify daily work and minimize workload .....  more>>
Technological advancement has led to the adaptation of digital platforms. Some might say Enterprise Resource Planning and Digital Transformation are poles apart .....  more>>
Quite a familiar term in the corporate sector, ERP is singlehandedly managing the innovative advancements and growth of the companies....  more>>
Enterprise Resource Planning – Popularly abbreviated as ERP is implemented by large scale companies as well as small scale companies and growing businesses .....  more>>
When a company and the business grows, it is necessary for them to update their process involved in providing quality products .....  more>>
Administrating business practices relevant to designing and production of an organization, operations management plays a crucial role.. ...  more>>
Adding maximum value to the organization, today ERP is considered to be one of the core business applications supporting the unblemished functioning of many enterprises .....  more>>
An ERP system like all other technologies has been predefined with the duration of functioning. Lack of time, unavoidable circumstances, budget disturbances .....  more>>
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