ERP systems have been an essential part of modern-day business. With the technologies changing ERP systems are also going through rapid changes. One of the recent modifications that have been happening in the ERP technology is cloud computing ....... ...  more>>
Machine Learning or ML is a subdivision of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that supports the systems in learning the new or old data from its experience without being interfered with by any human or programs. ...  more>>
ERP systems and software have been a key factor behind the growth and expansion of various industry verticals. One sector that we normally don’t associate ERP with is the healthcare industry. With the operations getting wider and multiple facets .......  more>>
In the digital healthcare space, Technological Advancements for Healthcare surrounding all the facilities and devices – starting from medicines, vaccines, procedures and systems are forged to simplify and enhance healthcare facilities like..... ...  more>>
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in accounting and finance operations is changing drastically compared to any other technology. RPA is used for data reduction where it is responsible for completing 80 percent tasks in accounts payable..... ...  more>>
Technology is changing lives from the last decade. By improving work process, living styles, and other business operations, technology has become ingenious part of human life....  more>>
The advent of technology and the innovations happening in this new and ongoing digital age has been helping businesses to operate in a much more effective manner. The various advancements in the field of technology and IT have allowed.... ...  more>>
Al Jazira keen to accelerate its retail, distribution and food service businesses in Bahrain, Infor CloudSuite WMS is ideally suited to helping Al Jazira achieve its aims. ...  more>>
In 2020 it is estimated that from 2019 there will be an increase of 3.4 percent in IT spending totaling $3.9 million....  more>>
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