Biometric authentication allows the public to be more safe and convenient ...  more>>
Flexible, scalable ERP solution increases efficiency from coast to coast ...  more>>
Create a Distributed Ledger Technology, commonly known as Blockchain, based solution conforming to TRAI regulations to address Unsolicited Commercial Communication ...  more>>
Virtual Artifacts’ new Hibe hub connects diverse mobile apps, enabling consumers to stick with their social platform of choice ...  more>>
AppPorter 2.0 provides automated modernization to transform and containerize legacy applications onto a Kubernetes-based hybrid cloud ...  more>>
Building ASEAN Partner Alliance to drive new opportunities in the regional cloud ecosystem ...  more>>
The agreement will bring high-speed internet access to 110,000 people in rural areas without broadband ...  more>>
Latest Product Enhancements Include GDPR Compliance Support, Extended Support Functionality...  more>>
Proactive Threat Sharing Collaboration to Provide Enhanced Protection for Customers ...  more>>
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