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Qualcomm Could Begin Testing 5G Network Technology After Working With 30 Companies

Tuesday, 29 June 2021, 05:30 Hrs

Qualcomm has recently ordered its experts to begin working with 30 carriers and telecommunications equipment providers on bringing in the speedier variation of 5G networking technology. This has just become the talk of the IT community, and users are eager to learn more about it. As a result, they've been looking for more information on Qualcomm's 5G networking technologies. To assist these people, we've compiled a list of all available information about Qualcomm 5G testing and processors.

5G Network Technology from Qualcomm

First, the users need to keep in mind that the Fifth-generation 5G internet networks run on a different combination of technologies. The lowest version of this network is known as "sub-6" but by industry insiders, this network seems to be just a bit faster than the previous networks. The most advanced and fastest type of 5G network runs on higher frequencies and is called "millimeter wave" by Qualcomm. They have become the world's biggest supplier of wireless data chips for smartphones for a long time now. 

This type of millimeter wave technology is extremely helpful in densely populated areas as a number of these users will be trying to connect to mobile networks at once. Some other places like concert halls, sports arenas, and other locations where the fans are trying to stream video to their social networks can also use this technology at its best. Qualcomm was the one responsible for developing the standards that make millimeter-wave devices available to use around the world. Apart from them, only one company named MediaTek Inc (2454.TW) is working on this millimeter wave technology to bring in 5G. But it seems that the company is way behind Qualcomm and it certainly could give the latter a huge sales boost if the technology becomes more open to public. 

They are now trying to work along with some companies like China's China Unicom (0762.HK), Chunghwa Telecom Company Ltd (2412.TW), Fibocom Wireless Inc (300638.SZ), Germany's Deutsche Telekom (DTEGn.DE), and Australia's Telstra Corp (TLS.AX) to make this 5G service available all over the globe. Durga Malladi, Qualcomm's senior vice president, and general manager of 5G technologies spoke about Qualcomm 5G chips and said that they actually haven't seen a whole lot of millimeter wave outside the U.S. and Japan, and some limited deployments in Europe and Korea so far, but that's expanding quite rapidly. So we too can expect to use this new technology as soon as possible.