Equipped with new-age technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and cloud computing the industry .. ...  more>>
ERP is an essential framework that decides the high accomplishment of a business or disappointment relying upon nature and trustworthiness of usage and how venture directors .....  more>>
Playing a pivotal role in the growth of an organization, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a set of applications that can be customized to streamline the business processes....  more>>
Artificial intelligence and machine learning have been having a major impact on almost all of the industry verticals. Both AI and ML have not only been impacting the performance of companies .....  more>>
Alongside medical and government officials, manufacturers are encountering vigorous pressure for producing respirators .....  more>>
In the present industry scenario, most of the organizations implement Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for an effective flow of business....  more>>
Cost incurred for inventory management accounts for a major part of the overall expenditure of companies that are especially dealing with a number of various inventories. ...  more>>
The Usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasing at a booming rate. For instance, Chatbot software implementation is happening to enhance the customer experience as claimed .....  more>>
It is true that businesses across the world will be reshaped because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Already the UN Trade Agency has forecasted a slow economic growth worldwide that can go down .....  more>>
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